Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Heart You Bitch!! I am Soo Democrate!!!

Yeeehaaaa!!! Living in Hong Kong such a grand!! totally Rad!! you are allowed to being a gay, you are allowed to wear mini skirt, there are so many bus you can get on.. you can go shopping every single day, you are allowed smoke marijuana on the street, you are allowed to drug rape on the street............................................. name it and the chance is you are allows to do it =)) living here in Hong Kong.. you can do so many things in so many way!! in your ways!! you are allowed being as sassy like hell, you can fire your boss and get your sorry ass to sue their silly ass, you are allowd dress up as sexy as you want no one will abuse you! there are also plenty of food that all you can eat if you have money for that! you are allowed to drink on the street, get yourself very drunk as well as you have right to just passed out right on the street and no one will ever kick your lousy ass, no one even will care to check your breathe!!! so lively!!
you are allowed to do that democration every sunday and the holiday!! just like on 1st May it's a May Day!! girls here about to demo the labour department!! they all are migrant working in Hong Kong and they have been known as a silly, stupid, idiot domestic helper!! and nowadays there's no more innoncent girls that will just hide and shy and wll just shut up and eat all the unfair shit straigh away!! many people still look them down. saying a word like this: " Ooh.. that maid?? Ohh they are just a housemaid?? ooh.. a housemaid not allowed to laugh and live a human being life!! I see no point why do we have to so mean, as I am also working as a mad.. a barmaid!! yet I also have maid as friend and also I have friendly with my part time maid.. and I prefer to call them as a "helper" and never look these bitch down!!!
these girls absolutely a bitch, who now will stand up and speak loudly about how they employer will manipulate the rules and give them a tons of shit!! and there are also a bunch of full time demographer willing to company them to yelling here and yelling there!!I heart all of you!!go bicth go bite and kick those blood sucker!! bravo bitches!! go bitches and kick some ass!! chopped them in a bits and this:
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x0r said...

eh... here in america, no one cares about demonstrators except for the cops. they get to put on riot gear and wait for people to freak out so they cn shoot and hit people and not get in trouble cause they shoot bean-bags and tear-gas grenades. not really, usually everything is pretty peaceful, but no one cares that much about protesting. it used to mean a lot, but most people have to go to work everyday so they have food and a place to live. no time to protest. most protestors are people that don't have to worry about money that much. causes become a hobby... or lifestyle... something to bring their life some meaning. DEMOCRACY IS AWESOME!!! it has been said that Democracy is the worst form of government except for every other kind of government humanity has used.

@bee said...

most protestors are people that don't have to worry about money that much. causes become a hobby... or lifestyle... YES! HK ALSO HAVE BUNCH OF THEM..JUST LIKE LONG HAIR..HE IS VERY FAMOUS HERE BUT HE WAS LIKE POOR LIKE HELL BECAUSE HE HAD NO TIME TO GET TO WORK AND BESIDES THAT NO EMPLOYER WILL HIRE A GUY SUCH VOCAL LIKE HIM... poor long hair got to cut his lovely hair kind of short now!! =))