Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lovely Yet Juicy..

Can yoga improve my sex life?
Improve Sexual Intimacy with Yoga

But this letter absolutely help and works..

Read on....

Taking you out to a romantic dinner with flowers. Enjoying the nightlife (movie, going to a club, walking and talking). Then retiring for the evening somewhere that I can give you a candlelit massage. I would blindfold you so that you can't see what I am about to do next.

I would have my "lil' helpers" nearby. Not toys, but lot of other things. Like ice, chocolate sauce, and honey. Love to drip them all over your naked body, rub them around using my fingers and tongue. I would take my time teasing you. Licking your entire body.

I would love to kiss your lips for hours also I touched your body. Being sure not to touch your breasts or between your legs. Watching your body begin to sweat with anticipation of what will happen next. When I think that you have had enough I will kiss down your body, my hands underneath you holding you close to my mouth as I kiss, lick, and suck my way down to your neck, breasts, and stomach.

Then I would stop and flip you over on your stomach and move back up to the back of your neck. My fingers are in your hair as my mouth makes you moan in pleasure. Up and down until I came to your waist again and lick and kiss your butt and continue down again to the back of your thighs and knees. Touching, rubbing, and kissing you.

I would take off your blindfold now as I flipped you back over on your back. I would start to massage your feet then to kiss, lick, and suck your toes one by one. Then I would spread your legs and then I see the wet spot on the bed. I kiss your inner calf, then your inner thighs. Your pussy is so wet now. I tease you some much by blowing my warm breathe against it. Then I go in for the kill. LOL!

My tonque and lips are licking, sucking, pushing inside of your pussy. You taste so good and I have to hold your legs apart because you try to close them. My hands go to your hips and caress your stomach as you close your legs in a vice around my neck. My hands move upwards to play with your hard nipples. Your hands on the back of my head and you are trying to push against my tongue so that it can go deeper inside of your sweet pussy.

Then I push your legs up in the air and back so that I can lick you from clit to asshole. Oh course, my this time you are moaning and screaming from the endless orgasm that I don't let stop until the sun rises the next morning. And then... Well I will let you examine what happens next.


x0r said...

how does this sound?
"Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.
And if you through a party
Invited everyone you ever knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say, 'thank you for being a friend'."

x0r said...

btw, i just go straight for the asshole. i like to put it in the boootay.

@bee said...

No Dang.. * I tried to not speaking foul this week*
I hate anal sex/ anal raper...
PS. You know I love you.. I'll not only bail you off from jail..

x0r said...

you? not speak foul? O.o
the apocalypse is obviously quickening it's pace towards us...