Wednesday, June 28, 2006

my new umbrella...Ooo.. this is hillarious as hell..Men spoke their feeling and thoughts@ Penis Size Debate. com

This Morning waking up thought was like "Jesus fucking Christ.. It's like He just got leak and pissing down like hell for Hong Kong!!
This morning shopping is I got to buying new umbrella I already have 44 of them all left in office .
Although I had one in pink color standby at home but I didn't bring it with me this morning, even I know there's dog shit rain outside! because it doesn't match with my outfit neither to my make up so I head out make a little pray hope with any luck that the rain will stop and it actually no rain until it going to rain drop off like dog shit when I got off from bus , I ran to the store for umbrella. I got to paid for an fucking expensive umbrella in ugly black, my heart was beating with hurts and curse" fuck this expensive shit!!"
Hell.. I bought it for the sake that it will keep my make up look properly great, otherwise I will melt... !!! I hate melted face!! I hate rain.. Wet..wet.. slippery like heck! accidently slip myself nearly fall to death while I running like heck to office with 5 inches high heels.. carry a hand bag and shopping bag and fucking ugly umbrella!!! Damn!! again I've late for 30 minutes and plus!!!
my only task today is " browsing internet"
I found this is hilarious as hell..Men spoke out in Penis Size Debate. com

*I have been beating my meat since i was 12years old. i am 41 years old now. my cock is 7" fully hard. if i had never beat my meat, i would probably be about 4", so small dick guys, choke that chicken everyday!!!

** Thanks for the entertainment, it's hillarious. The fact is men care about breast size as much as women care about penis size. Yes a man will google a woman with large breasts like they are novalties. I am sure that a woman has a similar interest in a man with a large penis because it is a novelty also. I have never heard a man say that he would not date a woman because she has small breasts although I am sure it happens occasionally. I have also never heard of a woman who would not date or marry a man because he has a small penis although
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