Saturday, June 10, 2006

Too Bad my stories is true @ 12 may 2006

Jim buzz me up this afternoon, he just got in HK last night. he wasn't in HK when I texted him to join me and girls have beer on wednesday night and I got no respond AGAIN!! his voice made me recalls that I have such a crazy helluva moment.. on his birth date!! here is the story go...
12th May 2006, Me and my girl friend been invite to a his birthday party in Winning house in LKF area, it was around 11pm when I say goodnight to the birthday guy and leave him with cheeck kisses and birthday hugs...since I dont have to work the next day so girls decided to staying a bit late, I told the cab driver to drop us in wanchai then I thought it would be nice to buy the birthday guy couple glass beer like he used to beer me down back to old days so I thought maybe he fancy to join then I've texted him... " hey!! girls have beer in Wanchai buzz me up if you fancy to join "

afterthought it would be a bit difficult to get him notice his mobile phone beep witht the text in his bag and he still in party and was kind of crowded with people chatting around though..I understand but still I got a bit upset while I checking my mobile phone and there's no ones text in my message box.. I was like " shrug my shoulder and " who is care??!!

Darn!! I got sore while downing the first bottle and chatted to my friend then I notice there's three guys standing next to us trying to flirting with us!! I move close to the cutest one and pinch his butt.. twice till he scream out help!! they are Sweden, on business trip, this is the last night in HK so they hope pick a girl up back to their hotel for............ FUN!! perhaps bunch of girls...
I smirk devil " Oucch.. awesome!!" and shrug my shoulder, walk away and order the second drink and busy with my mobile again..

while girl run to me and ask " what you think about them?"
I shrug my shoulder.. hold my head a bit high and smirk evil smirk and hissing " what the hotel? business trip? who is care?? and I shove my mobile to one of them" Guy, you got punch your number here, will ring you up later"
he done and they are gone within minute.. perhaps he do notice that I had " Mr. Charming" picture displaying as a wallpaper on my mobile screen!!
so he will get bitchy to his buddy " No shit.. her BF was 5 times charming than everyone in here so no wonder why we are not in her pick up list, let's go home now "!!!

it was 12 am something and still no text message in my inbox,
I shrug my shoulder again then I walks my friend to Taxi.. while a dull looking +40 chinese guy catch me and girls stopping walk and listen to his shit
C.Guy: point to my friend and said " she bump into my chest!! "
Me: I goggling at him and wondering and said " Ooh?? Okay!!"
C.Guy: he took out an eyeglasses from his shirt pocket and said " this is broken!! "
I starring at his eyeglasses while notice girl walk away and no one have idea what was happened
Me: " nothing broke" and I keeping downing the rest of my beer.. still half bottle to go!!

he walk very close to me and put his glasses on his flat nose and smile a nasty smile while trying to hold my hand and said :" good.. how are you??"
my thought was God I hate flat nose.. I hate no sms in my mobile and I fuking hate this chinese guy!!!
Me: "Fuck your hand off!!"

C.Guy: No.. she broke my glasses!! pointing to my friend
and he keeping hold my hand and seem like will not move any inch off from mine..
Me: " nothing broke with your glassese"!
I felt like my head will going to explode within second and I jerking my hand off from his and walk away and downing the rest of my beer then throwing the empty bottle to hit on his shoes and yell loudly " I told you to fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!! don't touch my HAND !! " fuck the hell off !!" then girls running to me and get me walk away...

He chase after me and yelling back" Fuck you"
I stop my pace " Oh Good.. wanna fuck me? take off your pant right now!!! no dare huh?? asshole!! small penis!
He stone.. but keeping said " fuck you! fuck you chicken, fuck your hole!!
Me: take off your pant, show me your small tooth pick penis!! asshole, you never have chance to fuck me!!
I got he really mad and keep stalk me and my friend to the opposite road ( from Carniege's to Klong )

C.Guy: fuck you!!
Me: oh yeeeahhhh!!! licking my lips and doing V fingers sign and stick my tongue out and spit to him..then busy with mobile..pretending call police!!
C.Guy: " fuck you !!
Me: " you asshole, you don't fucking move, I'll call police sue your small penis sexual harrasment..!! you fucking small penis asshole!!
Girl: " sorry.. she is drunk!!
C.Guy: " fuck you chicken!!
Me: " Hahhaaa hahaa... no chance!! no chicken for small penis like you!! Hahhahaa....tooth pick penis... Hahhaaahaa..
He trying to explaining to all the peoples on the street that I am a whore and have broke his glasses!! but no one will believe him since there's nothing wrong with his glasses and I was dress up nicely as a polite lady!!

Me: " go home small penis and fuck yourself.. small penis!!! HAHHAHHAaa....
C.Guy: Fuck you!! fuck your hole!! bitch!!

Me" No chance, small penis man! you go home and fuck your mother, fuck your father..go home and fuck yourself.. asshole!! small penis.. small penis... take off your pant small penis!!
small penis...small penis..Hahhahahaaa...

my godness I find him amused me like hell while my friend pissed off and trying to get me get on the cab and when we already in.
she said" you're a mean bitch!! my god, he must have a helluva time tonight"
Me: " he ask for it.. he pretending all the shit and must get a fuck like this..
She said: " if I am were you I only will said like this : Shut up..shut up..shut up!!!
we brust out bitchy giggles till home.. and I go straight to bed.. woke up at 3am and notice a text " I am in dusk till dawn " sent at 1am.. toooooooooooo late baby.... but I have a really.. really... great time!!!

Bitch love to RFLMAO...=))


x0r said...

too bad my stories are true...
but liberating, don't you think?
yes, fuck this asshole... i mean, THESE ASSHOLES. sad men are such ABSOLUTE SHIT. wait, i'm a man... haha! BUT I DON'T COUNT! I DON'T COUNT!!!
i want to beat people outside with my metal studded belt everyday for the past week now. i have a bottle ready to throw at them, but when the time comes, it just seems too pointless; a wast of energy and they wouldn't understand... it would just give them something more to yell about and start shit with me. right now, they bother the neighborhood, but ignore individuals. i don't really want to visit the jail downtown tho. i mean, if these are the people that DON'T get taken to jail, imagine who is actually there... 8 \

Mr. Charming said...

Never a dull moment with you Bee. I still have a scar on my right hand from when I knocked some guy's tooth out for pulling some shit like that with me.

@bee said...