Saturday, July 15, 2006

Global Warming Warning!!! I am going to explode anytime without Warning!!

Me singing:" You make me feel so emotional, I can't let go.. I am so emotional with you..Fuck You fucking ugly slanty old hamsup pigs !!

Mo: how hot there?

Me: yeahh.. fucking hot these days.. there's no right clothes to wear!! haha for real

Mo: get naked then :) Ha ha ha

Me: I got a fucking old guy goggling at me this afternoon when I am on the bus way to work

Mo: for real? oh i see haha!! ha ha

Mo: lot of those there though there yes?

Me: t's like he'd sexual harass me so I had my news paper put off and staring back at him right at his fucking ugly old eyes for the rest of the bus journey.. it's take 20 minutes!

Mo: ha ha did he look away?

Me: for a few minutes.. he just have no dare to look at me anymore, fucking god.. weather thesedays really hot like fuck

Mo: ha ha go for a swim then

Me: and I am not have purpose to showing my fucking fat hand and legs

Mo: go to the beach!! you fat hand and legs? no i disagree!!!

Me: but I can't help.. to put myself in that fucking stupid suit/jacket... that's is shits! but being a woman really fucking unfair!! guys will comment you have a fucking flat chest if you have a A cup boobs. but if you have a slighty big one.. they're going to drooling like shit

Mo: ha ha guys are ham sup.just as bad as girls...we're just lose it more

Me: and sexual harras those big boobs women..

Mo: what did you where to work today? ha ha like you? you should be happy just like wht your blog says. happy to have clit and tit right?

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Me: I am really upset

Mo: feel free to vent for me

Me: I have no good memorries about Hk guys

Mo: aw really!! you haven't hung out with me yet :)

Me: but.. I have one or two of them and younger than me ( sky bastard, silly cyrus ).. they're fucking cool, surely.. they had comments about my chubby!! but it's only a joke to make me laugh my ass really off and the point is they never goggling at my boobs!!

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Me: I am really upset.. why can't those men let women dress a bit less .. this's really fucking hot..EEK imagine put on that fucking thick jeans that's HOT like hell.. and stupid suit !! jacket to covering.. many women got their back and ass breakout with those nasty pimples!!! Ewwwhh!!

Me: that's fucking hurts !!

Mo: you aint chubby you is what they call here a girl with assets :) what did you wear to work? i'm sure it's not all like that? when i was in hk...i see girls wear less and no guys oogle them maybe it's the area you go to? alth ou gh many guys were googling my cuzz when we were in hk, especially since she looks like a gwia mui and dresses like you all short short stuff i think it's more of the older men not the younger ones

Me: NOSHIT... I've been in NT/Kowloon.. HK island!! but it's different sight when western guys ran into and they are will just give a slight glance.. ain't goggling like going to rape you

Mo: true true!! but some guys still do that here the googling, not all western guys do that..we have some crazy mother f'ers here that do a lot of raping of young females you have that every where really, not just in HK

Me: I have put on this tank top and skirt

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Mo: so no worries you just need to relax and realize what a great body you have ! nice nice

Me: do you think this is ultra sexy? showing too much meat/skin and flesh?

Mo: it's cute :) what you have on right now?

Mo: to bad you not here, Rhianna is coming here to perform, i would take you

Me: she's a cute/sexy voice/completely beautiful indeed!!

Mo: just like you, brbr, don't turn the cam off!

Mo: any how you're beautiful, no need to change you, k?

Me: noway, I am waiting you

Mo: no way what? oh wiating for me to sweep you off of your feet? no problem

Me: gosh.. 2:20am .. I am still awake, noway no shower

Mo: you work tomorrow?

Me: no sleep

Mo: ooh for me to help?

Me: how can I have my pretty tomorrow?? noway

Mo: let me see :) haha !! go to sleep then!

Me: noway

Mo: that bad of insomnia? you just need to crawl into sleep with me to keep you warm

Me: NOSHIT !!!warm? here's dang fucking hot...
Aarrghhhh.... HOTAarrghhhh.... HOTAarrghhhh.... HOT

Mo is a nice/good boy.. he's not in hamsup pigs!! not now, maybe later.. at least this moment he is not a hamsup pig yet, even he does.. he is not a ugly old hamsup pig...* smirk/giggles/wink/sigh* who is not Hamsup anyway?? I've admits me and my girl friends are also hamsup like... heck, not all the times....* double sigh* but we never sexual harass anyone/any guys yet, * sigh* at very least no ones get upset and came with sexual harassement sue one of us to the court!!* sigh* I am really upsetting !!!


x0r said...

i am hamsup all the way 100% #1 HK oogle fag butt-rapist supreme master. it's your fault cause you wear sexy clothes.

uh... just kidding. i don't even know what 'hamsup' is, to tell you the truth. i look at your tits, ass, and stomach earlobe cause me so horny. har har har...

just imagine if no one wanted you ever... and i mean like EVER.

we will fight to the death on 5 levels like bruce lee in 'game of death'... see you at the top sillybee.

i love you

@bee said...

well.. I've to admits that I am such a fox ;p