Tuesday, July 18, 2006

LOL at my white butt :"(

I am waking up, rolling to the other side of my bed, peek my head out from my bedroom window.. Gee, like I have to put on sunglasses!!! Holy shit,Suuny!!there's such a great weather outside!!!

my head was pooping out with sun-bathe plans then I trying to get a company, so my mind was dive straigh on Susan, I'd texting her up saying that I am heading out to beach and asking if she fancy to join me...

she was like " No chance for me to escape! what about tomorrow??"
Me: " Nah.. no chance for tomorrow.. I am off today!!"
She sound a bit " why not tomorrow?? off tomorrow lar, beside weather today ain't really great for sun- bathing "
Me: " Nah.. I've a lots of task to do tomorrow, besides my boss will not let me off tomorrow!!"
the conversation was ending as she wish me enjoy my " lonesome sun- bathing " and perhaps today weather work me a great tan..!! Fabolous tanning indeed..

I can tell that she's envy ;p that I was going to laying on the beach, have my skin bake till tanned while downing cold beer/ cold water at the same time reading a kick ass book and goggling at cute guy's butt!!
I am blessed, I am blessed..Today is my very own holiday *usually on saturday/ mostly on weekdays*
Holiday mean, I'll have my body an soul " holy again after today!! restday (rest from stress job) offday !!off "from my boss hook" day!!! Yay!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
bring with me a kind of lousy beachmat, put on tanning oil, suncreen, bikini, mini skirt, flip flop, cap and sunglasses, I was sooo ready to please myself horsing and playing underneath uncle sun.. Yay!!
Folks questioning " are you going to be there alone??"
Yeeaahh...damn right just alone, well it's not a matter though!! alone doesn't mean lonely..lonesome ba! by the way, I bet there's at least 10 of you, are soo jealous/ envy on me.. and might just go mad hence I am carefully turn off my mobile phone so no ones have chance ruins my day!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
1. Nice weather "no cloud, no rain, a bit windy"
2. Nice sun shine "bright enough to get a nice tan"
3. Nice beach a tons of cute guys showing off six pack laying on the beach bask themeselves in a quite mini swim short and..
4. Nice book "why men marry bitches"

After 2 hours, I got to shower and slightly notice that I'd over bake myself by check at my butt, it's sooooooo...WHITE compare to the other part my legs, thight and shoulder.. not to mention my boobs.. expect my butt and boobs, all my skin are a little bit too red.. obviously over done!!

Oh well.. actually I am look like a steam crab.. ready to serve..It's sore!!

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and I was a bit worried that it will be peeling off.. so I was such in hurry finish shower and get after sun cream apply on my skin, I was leave the shower room only with a white t-shirt slipped on and leave my very white butt hanging out!!
my bad is there's two of a little girls about 4 years and 6 years old were covering their eyes but leave still leave a bit space to stare at my butt, they are obviously goggling an giggling at my not soo sexy white butt, I was completely blushing and trying to covering my naked with my damp bikini but I only able to covering my cat and let them comment about my butt when I passing them to get my stuffs and change room.

" Don't look at her!" said the 6 years old.
" But.. she really have a white butt!! " said the younger one.
" but wait.. she supposed to have hair on her cat!!" said the younger one again.
" Ohh.. don't look at her!"
as soon as I noticed that they ain't shy to covering their eyes anymore.. they stare right at my butt..

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