Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I think I will become a real bitch soon, bet you might go crazy, dying to marry my bitchy ass??

Recall my posting on July, 30th 2005..I said " today I bought an book it's talk about "WHY MEN LOVE eh?! Im curios to know why those guys prefer the bitches than a nice girl..let me check out how to be a bitch and why no guys love the nice girl..
That is a real book funny yet wicked book. it's one of my favorite book ever, always advice my girl friends to read this I was like " bitches.. you got to read this!!!

Why Men Love Bitches?? always on my top recommendation list "
and remembered it was a guy * I believe he is a GUY * drop me comment on May, 26th 2006
Anonymous said...
hello!do u know that the second of why men love bitches that why men marry bitches has come out?shame cant be found in hk!lol nice day

No shame.. I got this " why men marry bitches " today after work.. I was feeling like win a lottery... I wasn't proud myself as a bitch.. but I am glad that I am.. in control of myself, my alcohol, my sexual, my shoes, my bags, my freedom, my very own pee and shit , I know my rules, I clear my boundaries.. like I used to say" if you happen to spoiled my stuffs.. I am surely will going to kick your sorry ass!

Does stomp my high heels on your toes * purposely * count in as a bitch??

Does throwing my booze bottle * empty I mean * to a dicknose count in as a bitch??

Does refuse a date * many times, then they're hate my attitude* count in as a bitch??

Does avoid conversation with stupid-dumb-ass * those always bugging asking some idiot question " why is your friends wrote you like this?? "Hello Bitch, how are you doing??* count in as a bitch??

Anyway..... nowadays a Bitch was like kind of smart/ kick ass inner beauty complete with outter beauty perhaps /natural confidence / kick ass high heesl/ kind-hearted/ kick ass / funny and quirky wit.. and a Bitch also can be as stupid as a dumb-ass!! sometimes.....

Like Chinese wisdom" Act like a dumb pig while actually going to eat a tiger "


x0r said...

people get married?

@bee said...

yeahh.. bitches and bastard!! if you're a bastard you probably will observe to get a bitch.. and marry to her/him!!

Tester Corner said...

I like that dumb pig eating a tiger thing. If you don't mind my asking, aren't you concerned or worried that your boss, colleagues etc might bump into this blog of yours and see what you write here?

@bee said...

Well.. good question!!this is an already " editting version blog" but the heck is I told the truth here!! ;p

I used to posting uncensor " wicked truth version" on my secret blog..
wondering if folks lucky enough...