Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Anger mamagement class

Sunday, August, 27 2006.
9am until 11pm!!!
special Sunday!! everyone in my network got to work on Sunday, every soul here was clearly working like a dog, more likely slavely dog style hectic working day!!!
fucking job... fucking pressure that drove me crazy doing my job!!
the stress and pressure lead me hit on my slave ass,
Gosh..like I've falling in love with it..
every working day got me feeling like that I am about make love with my task and I'v got an amazing multiple orgams whenever I had it done, not mention to brag about my ability to handle my task..
There's no sweat on my armpits no matter how hectic the situation it becomes ..I runs my multifarious role pretty cool..
however.. there's one thing that I hate about myself..my temper,
Gosh.. I've to admits that I am failled to take my ability to control my anger..
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As I planning to take a " kick boxing class" to release my angerness!!
I am going to punch and kick.. hopefuly to kick these hectic days off!!
Though Anger management class ain't work gor me!!!!
if this kick boxing ain't work neither.. I think I am going to take a " Thai Boxing class " too..


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I need some wet western lovin though, Kisses- kisses, hug ..hugs.. huge!! * wink*