Tuesday, August 29, 2006

there's a line between funny and fury

Saturday, August 26 2006
2pm waiting bus

my bad day.. a very very..very bad day!!
standing on the street, waiting the bus that used ride me to work was completely make me lost my ability to control my emotion and anger!!
what is the matter??
I was standing there like a idiot at 1pm.. was hopefully that I can reach office before or by 1:30pm, which it use to take me 20 minute to get to office!! and bus usually will be on time and frequently..
but I turn from a idiot to be a idiot statue, I was sweat and my lung couldn't work porperly.. I can't btreathe well. in and it was about one and half hour just to wacthing three fucking stupid buses passing by in front of my nose.. it says" BUS IS FULL" notice board on it and it will not stopping by to take one or two of us aboard!!
No shit.. I give up to get on that bus so I walk myself to another bus stop, mean another destination and place and price.. I got to get Central then ride on MTR to Causeway bay.
it was a stupid route .. but is there any route and choice??
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like my boss go insane in he office with all the client fancy to make a fun of him..
if you know that I am such in hurry to save my boss's poor ass.. you will undersstand how mad I was, I was angry like fuck!! like I have urge to kill, I've phone my sister up and she was shocked when I told her that I am still in Aberdeen and our lunch was finished just before I out to work.. I got sooo angry and needed to swearing, I've got my poor sister listening to my " filthy mouth" over 10 minutes!! I feel nothing better after cursing/swearing ain't get my nerve calm down..I am end up tearing an plastic bag off full with furios, I forcefully jerk its till torn in two, wringing the news paper into a shape, throwing a water bottle onto the street till its broken and the water dripping of it..
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folks freaked out and avoid standing close too me.. not even willing sit next to me!!
I didn't blame them for treating me like this....they are just a human of course they have right to worries and protect themeselves..as my body language obviously warns a threatening action.. as I can't get my lung breathe normaly..

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