Sunday, August 06, 2006


I am doing fine, get better, kicking pretty lively in office even thought it's a goddamn sunday working day and I did put on face mask .
This is to just a reminder for people those always fancies sticking around me..its telling them that I am " SICK " that's mean I migh doing something that very horrible during this " crabby season " I can and allowed to doing something that out of logic and sense.
Folks in my office does really has their vigilance increase to prevent " mad bee attack" them to die...
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Sometime I would like to annoying folks by coughing a little bit too hard.. like I am going to cough my lung out !! and also keeping remind them that I can't control myself that I probably will vomit everytime they catch me up and bugging me like I am crazy wanted talk to them.
my bad folks totaly understand towards my " snotty nose attitude" but is there anyway for them to refuse to understand?? thought my behaviour still in acceptable range.. " Man, I am fucking sick like hell and still have to work to service you lousy asses!! you fucking are can't accept this then go fucking away from my sigh..!! and you are welcome to come back again later!!

However I had one day off on saturday, I was busily downing " water " and those pills that my " quite handsome" Doctor gave me.. its make me sleepy like mad..I'd keeping passed out at home, it's like I have no chance to leave my bed, even I did but I always ends up laying on couch and passed out right there till hours.. until alarm wake me up for the next " medicine choke season "

and you guess what was going on with my boss, today??
He got throat imflamation too and coughing like hell too.. have his nose stuck with plenty of mucus tooo...plenty of mucus!! arghhh snotty !! he ask me if I could to share one or two of my face mask for his nose!!
well.. I am not a stingy person.. of course I don't mind to share,
well be frankly I always be kind about give help/ hand.. it always kill me when seeing alive suffering..
bitching back about my boss part again..
now me and him have a very common body language" picking our snotty nose while coughing loudly " and when people asking " why two of you had face mask on?" and they got me respond instantly " Well.. we are SICK!!" and I was like to explain more while they seem worried that it migh do a huge infectious " anyway, you have to no worries this " shit " not going to infect you are, because both of us already had a medicines and stuff.. so no worries!!
and hell.. deep down in my heart, I can hear a whisper " yeahh.. no you fucking are..will have to suffer on this cold/snot and sick not today maybe next day or the following next day and so and so....
me sooo very fucking sick indeed.. but I'll get more better tomorrow!!


Mr. Charming said...

Get better Bee. :-)

@bee said...

Oh... thank's!! you are sun shine!! ;p