Saturday, August 12, 2006

ugghh... Condom thesedays unreasonable expensive

Thrusday evening, after work, I've drop to a local supermarket doing my own grocerries, I've got loads of stuffs on sale..
I've bring back home one bottle of collage bleaching gell for my teeth, too much coffee my teeth likely in a brown color Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting!!

also pick up two pack of fresh blueberries this is great for my eyes,
two pack of frozen raspberries which is good for my cat....
and a big can of oatmeal * my favorite food ever *
eer... also one pack of strawberry flavored condom.

Speaking about condom it remind me about my " Strawberry condom boyfriend "
He used to brought home this stawberry flavored rubber and put it on for me.. that is just sooo sweet!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
he knows that I am a strawberry fans ever as soon as he found out that I am clearly turn on when he show me " his cock in strawberry flavored condom on "
although it has a long time since I broke up with him and since that moment there's no guy has treat me that sweet...
Arrghhhh..... honesty to tell " strawberry condom " always will link my mind to him and his stuff. was I miss him??!! err..

Ughhh.. even a bunch of blueberries also do a brain stimulant, my brain flashing to my past " blueberries boy " it was such a sweet moment, watching his mouth full fill with those cute fruit!!! but my favorite is feed him with "Pamelo/ watermelon" in the morning then I'll happily went down on him for a blow job treat later in the evening!! I mean a blow job treat but he thought I done a amazing blow job
well, speaking about blow job here.. I do really into about all the activity and stuff that require using mouth,tongue, lips, throat err.. sound track.
Oral was totally in my field, my enthusiasm towards oral activity was completely mad.. probably it because I am a Gemini which known as a very oral minded folks, I am totally open minded about oral and stuff but never dare me about anal because I am not that " anal minded person" thought I never will.. never ever!!
okay, enough bitching about anal issue!!
and get back to the " blueberries boy" I think, I was almost always done my job perfectly .. I can tell his member was always in a satisfied condition.. it's easy to tell, his member " Mr. Happy" obviously happier, healthier, sexier and stronger than before and the important point is the "healthy !!" he was happy snack on fruity fruits and I was happy snack on his fruity stuff too...
you know what?? I make him believe that consume those watery fruit is good for his body besides it also got me more excited running my tongue all over his member as soon as his cum also tasting amazingly sweet and ooh.. also smell incredible fruity too, like the smell of summer, when fruits are mellow, watery and sweet..
as I rememberred I can always get my guy to eat more fruits and greens and they are rarely refuse when I feeding them ..Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting while whispering how sweet their cum taste like..
afterall fruits are good.. our body need those nutrient to rebuild, no reason for my guy to refuse to " take one portion fruit a day " as I told them that they need to consume more fruit to produce more delicious sperms...because I need more nutrient to rebuild my system to keep me look young, cute..Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingand playful in the bed..
Ugh..... let's back to the condom issue..

back to home.. I've those blueberries put in fridge to keep them fresh and rashberries in freezer..
and strawberry condom directly safely keep secretly in my " sooo secret cabinet "
although I am not going to use them.. thought I may need them just in case!! just in case someone running out of condom so I can save somebody's live by offering my collection " strawberry flavored condom"
I love to helping people...STD's are scary enough.. not to mention about AIDS!! I love to reach my hands out to give a help!! with all my kindness!!
thinking about this kindness, my parents, grandparents must be proud the hell out of me!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Well.. I always proud of my kindness.. it always touch the tear out of my eyes when seeing people get trough the rain and cope over the failure shit..
I keep my kindness on top on my " to do list " helping people get to into heaven is my dream..Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting !!
does I sound a bit too phony??
Heck.. ??!! Well, I always tell myself that I can go more phony if I want too..Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting but I very seldom get myself talk and act such phony. just sometime when life drove me mad, seeing I did bore the shit out of myself and when there's none of intellectual folks around that I can chatt and share some intellegent banter with..
I hate myself life.. my soul, I hate being stuck in a place and surroundings with a bunch of morons.. just like this supermarket, people here sucks like hell.. they made me blushing and soo uncomfortable having them stare at me just because I frozen myself in the condom area, I was thinking" should I stick on Durex brand or give another brand a try" but those stare put me in the confusion state and I lost my ability to make a a decision .. I stick on the Durex one eventually..actually I wasn't planning to buy.. I just checking around..never know if I will end up in such humillation moment and I feel a bit uneasy towards those who stare at me, when I feel uneasy I was more likely to act and talk phony, it was the moment when I am out of control of my ability to stay in tune, when I lost my ability to staying true and real.. when I am starting feeling crabby then my attitude go completely rude.. that is when I am more likely to let myself going soo far doing/ acting and talk like I am the biggest phony queen ever!! I have one pack strawberry condom.. and I dont know what to do with them..
just afraid if I only wasted my dough because those " rubber" only will keeping in my sooo secret cabinet till the expiry date!!!
unlike the condom matter.. that I have no chance to try to put it on someone's member yet, I mean not at this moment yet!!
Back tothe fruits and oat, there's not much left, all goes well down to my stomach and .. my body absorb the berries nutrient quite well.

spending some dough for " healhty food " was worth though and spending some dollar to protecting ourselves was absolutely a worth too.. but condom thesedays was a bit too expensive!! like HKD $ 51 for 12 pack of strawberry flavored condom ain't a cheap spending thought.. that is goddamn expensive indeed!!! what a ROB huh!!!

Aarrghhhhh..... it's a time to get grocerries again..
one of my girl friend " Michelle just get married this week on Tuesday noon. rememberred it was me give her company when the first time she got to met her " now hubby" back to two years ago....
wondering what flavor of condom they are fancy about..
Argghhh.... goverment should make a sense to consider set the price of those rubber a bit lower than now..
think about it.. nowadays our economy ain't good enough, mean folks has not many dough left to afford a pack of love glove.... mean more people are going to suffering from lack of nutrient, lack of sexual knowledge..lack of vacation, lack of food..STD's !!!


Tester Corner said...

I don't know about strawberry Durex but for 12 pack Ribbed Durex, it costs around S$7 in Singapore. A small pack one can be had at S$4.

@bee said...

awh..I saw the " Lychee durex"

x0r said...

this post just makes me even more depressed...

Tester Corner said...

Lychee is part of Durex Tropical series along with Kiwi, Guava, and Mango scents. I haven't seen any of them being sold at supermarket or 7-11 but they are available at Singapore online shop for S$10.95 per pack of 12s.

@bee said...

Oh Shannon!!
do you ever want to try a " Lychee Durex" ??

Tester.. I bet you have a amazing knowledge about condom and stuffs!!
what about DURIAN durex?? does durex have this flavoured condom ??the king of tropical fruit!!