Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just few drop!! Urine ba!!

Oh's already 11pm when I finished from work and seeing my GP!!
my friday night was end up locked myself for hours in the toilet forcing my cat to pee..!!!
There's no such shame when I get back to the nurse and tell her that I can't make it, my cheek blushing, my hands was shaking!!! I cant walk properly because my legs was shiver, dang.. I have them squat onto the toilet bowl for hour..
it such embarrassed, like I was wasting my gynecologis time.. waiting for hour to get me pee
however after drink 3 glasses water, I had my precious urine pass to the nurse.. even only few drop!! but at least I had it done!!!

Oh.. welll!! look like this weekend going to fool me in some of shit.. it's starting with my doctor banned me from having anything that sound with " FUN"

so when the girls asking me out for " drink a bar dry" games.. that was totally knock my ass off!!! I screaming of ... NOOO!!!
Can you believe it???!!! AARrghhh... there's a beach party in that godamn yoyo island on saturday noon, then DJ competation in Cclub!!! Arrghhh I wanted to go... :(
but.. I have to screaming NOOOO!!!!! again :( *sigh*
as my doctor reminder.. I need more rest/ no ciggarette/ booze and sex allowed too!!

The last time I had girls night out and drink the bar nearly to dry it was on 29 of July.. which I've been too drunk so my ass hurts and bruised like heck!! afterwards.. there's the hell has begun!!
recalls me and my boss have been soo sick, we were suffering from " lack of man power depression" due to my collegue on the training trip for 2 week!!
we got fever, throat inflammation, coughing, head ache, cold.. which snot couldn't stop driping off from our swelling nose..

There's no FUN continuously choking my throat with medicine and stuff for nearly 3 weeks..!!my doctor banned me from booze, work and sex!! but I dont give a damn care about it..
I got to work.., well... blame my boss
I do boozes and.. blame it to my girlfriends!!!
errmm..and sex too!!
afterall I end up suffering from medicine and shit for another 2 weeks to get better!! I know this is sound sad... but too bad my stories are soo fucking true...* sigh*

but my condition right now was 3 times better than 3 weeks ago!!

Now my collegue was already back in town.. which I also had a girl parttime as my assistant!!
Gosh.. I never work my ass this hard thought..
Gosh.. I never being sick this hard!! it's took a month for me to recovery..
but leave my boss still ill like hell... make me feel bad!!
like he is going to cough his lung out for every 3 minutes!!
I feel for him.. he had work soo hard!! be franky to said.. he work 5 times harder than I am..!!!
but.. he own the company!!

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