Monday, September 18, 2006

Wisdom my ass

my kitty cat bleeding so bad!! it's messed up all the bedsheet, bath towel,skirts, panties and the chair in the office.
that's such a horrible scene, I had loads of stuff to laundry and cleaning, after a crabby very long sunday workin, I feel that I already to explode anytime.
I barely to had a good sleep being so paranoid about the period stain could ruins my " very white linen bedsheet " yet I had to sufering from wisdom tooth again.

Waking up this morning with my lefthand face swelling like heck, I had no sleep last night, it's my wisdom tooth give a pain in the ass.
I can't take no more the pain and hurts.. so I decide to give it up to the Dental surgeon a try.
I am so emotional now... I can kill anything alive...
it's cool I don't have to work at least for 3 days , folks in the office should have to thank's God!!

this evening I had a very annoyed " wisdom tooth removal" operation just now..!!
I thought I just brave enough to ask my dentist to take the goddamn wisdom tooth off and I feel it funny I feels no pain at all during the operation...
but the feeling of funny.. was no longer in my mind.. my jaw such in a nasty pain, I had few stitch on my gum and the horrible is it's starting swelling within minutes I got out from the Dentist room.
I am actually cry like a baby when I am on the bus way to home..
I don't care people look at me while tear streaming down on my chubby face!!
who want to give a fucking care if the whole of my body was hurt like fuck!!!
beside that my wallet also screaming out for help.. that goddamn tooth cost me HKD $2200.. mean I have to review about vacation!!
and living on " pain killer pills" wasn't a glory anyways!! like I had lost my control and phone up the nurse asking if I can take more than one pill because my nerv shaking like heck.. and she tell me to off!!! mean I only allowed to have one pain killer no matter!!!.
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Mr. Charming said...

Sorry Bee. I had mine out years ago, but they gave me great pain killers.

@bee said...

Thank's Charming!! love you!! I feel soo much betetr now!! just have to get ready work tomorrow.. even my face leftside face still swelling!! talk to you later!!!