Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fork me.!!.Forrrrrkkk Me Please..

wondering is it normal feeling horny when having period??
Off to shower now, today such a crazy working day again, I got soo bitchy and alsmost have a nasty row with my colleague A an, althought ut was me being bitchy and sensitive, I can't blame him afterall he just a good boy and kinda helpfull...
welll.. had to deal between horny and period wasn't easy thought, I'll have to pull off a bit and back down and waiting for my future boyfriend come in and fork me frequently!!!
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Ugghhhh.... This is just a teasing!!
I feel something wrong with my teeth.. there's another tooth growth on, a wisdom tooth, it has been there for few years, thought it had its growing since I had my son 9 years ago..!! eventhought it has not finish developing yet!! and seem the pain now back to bite me in the ass!!
I can feel it...
I hope thing get better tomorrow..!!!

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