Saturday, September 16, 2006

bloody period hell

finnaly.. my period show up!! my sister can even tell how excited I am.. when she saw me running cross from bathroom to bed room to get the napkin and stuffs.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I used hail" Hurray!! when my period come after I've waited for a week, it's always late mean it's left me and poeple around me sick and crazy suffering from PMS!!!
but the days aferwards ain't a " hurray " anyway!! it was always going plain of nasty, like I had no live when it become period days.. having my slanty eyes puff like heck, left my belly bloating... there's always drove me such in paranoid having to checking my butt for every 5 seconds whenever I was in the public or when I was laying asleep in my bed..
once a time I had trying about sleeping in a doggy style.. but it doesn't work I can't sleep either and hurts my neck!!

The blood stain on very white linen bedsheet , there's no way to have the stain remove from it, it also ruin my skirts, let alone a tons of my my panties.. and the lastest it is also ruined my chair in the office!!! is ruin everything that I had my butt pt on!!! blame to who now?? to Eve??? because she offered an goddamn aple to Adam??

or should it blame to Adam?? because he such a greedy bastard. why won't he just ask Eve to fuck off and refuse the apple.. !!!

Arrghhh... havin period actually not a big deal for me but have to cleaning up and do the extra laundrty is the big deal for me!! and having to throw away the stuffs that I love in the trash was a big hit...

those bedsheet I love for bits.. what about the Mango skirt?? let alone the panty issues!! and also the chair in the office.. what my boss or others foilks will think about the blood stain on it!!!???

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