Saturday, September 09, 2006 kitty from an goddamn ugly nasty evil thong

Remembered last week me and my sister went to mad women shopping, we continuely going to searching for a cute stuff on sale, there's bargain everwhere and the range of the price after discount really tempting, both of us was completely crazy walks in and out around HK malls for several days, we even went to Yuen Long for shop and eventually call my son Steve to give us company, my baby actually had has a sense of fashion, a very honest comment are always come out to avoid ladies got upset buying a horrible stuff, however he could such annoying with his words and sometimes it also could hurts but most of the time he just give a great advice and views with a sense of fashion.
like when I pick up a pair of shoes and was going to asking the shop assistant to pass me my size, and he comment straightly " Ouhh.. don't try that, it's for old woman!!"
that " old woman shoes was kind of 80's style in a red and white pollkadot
well.. godamnit.. I have to admits " Yes, it is!!"
I drop the shoes and smilling to the shop assistant and leave in a flash..
beside honest commentator, Steve also a gentleman, he will offering himself to help to carry your shopping bags, open the door waiting you ladies get pretty and make your day by saying something really nice if you look gorgeously in the stuff you fit on..even if you look awful he only will blame onto the stuff, not the person in that stuff.
me and sister usually will happily buying him a stuff that he fancied about and of course following by dinner..
even though he can get a loads of needs but Steve never be a greedly robbed me or my sister anyway.
after a long day walks, shops and dinner sister and I send him go home. my boy got to scholl the another day, he was on grade 6 now!! time goes by pretty fast.

by the time we got home and reliased that how evil is a bargain calling us to buy more, spend more but we are just too excited to reliased. we are eventually bought home a four pair of Shoes, Skirt, Shorts, Top, hand bags and Ooh loads of Bikini, lingeries, Bras and Thongs...

And for a week I had have those new stuff putting on. feeling lovely and sexy everday. there's nothing wrong with those stuffs, the shoes was awesomely fit and such comfortable, my legs looks gorgeous, the lingerie also feeling soo good on my skin, I had a sweet dream and sleep was good too, Bras, Bikini and Thong are also fine..

Thought I have had no problem wearing my new thongs.. until today, I've put on this cute thong in a purple matching with black bra..but I had a hectic day at work, let alone about how busy my work usually. I get used with it.

My bad is I had pick up the wrong thong this morning...

I swear today is the worse day in my wearing new thong working day..I wish to tearing it in two.. one word.. fucking nasty thong stuck on my butt and it is fucking hurts...for 8 hours, I wanted to take it off and tearing it in small pieces..

but I just can't do that, I had another boy help me to manage the computer centre so I could pay full attention type manifest and dealing with the cargo costumer.. I was suffering like hell, the thing upset me is the thong was soooo adoreable... but it just give me pain in the ass!!

at 7pm.. finally the boy going join the shippment teams loading the cargo to the container!! I had to stay in the office to make sure everything just fine... once he leave, I can't wait to free my kitty cat from that ugly evil thong..

I flashed into gentlement washroom.. the fast.. the closest one I can get in and took that goddamn thong off..................

OOhhhhh I never feel such relief.. get back on my desk.. continue my over time working hours until 12am.. It doesn't a matter for me to work 5 hours late, I offering myself to give my poor boss a help as he also jump into shippment teams and work his ass off too..afterall being alone in the office, wearing no panty only get well with white mini skirt was a great experience though..


Mr. Charming said...

I am sorry about your kitty. Although the thought of you in the white mini-skirt was pretty hot! ;-)

@bee said...

Miiaaoooww... !!! Loves the thoughts..kisses!!