Saturday, October 07, 2006


A guy name John write in my inbox.
you look kind of slutty.

so the replied like this
Oucch.. thank's!! it is a compliment??
life treat you nice??

( I was like " holy shit, this is funny!!" it get me excited but I just respond it politely! well..I am soo flattered, I don't know why and I don't feel like offended or what..honestly I think it should be a compliment. )

He wrote in again.
Yes, Im very happy in hong kong. and no, its not a compliment. Only married men or porn surfers like to hang out with slutty girls.

Ewhh.. thank you very much then!!
you have a good day...
( I was like " EWWWHHHHH.." )

He wrote in again.
stop being so polite! damn you lol.

Ewhh.. holy shit!!
( me got cracking in the ass and damn right, I don't have to act like a godamn slutty phony now :)) )

well.. this slutty annoying business not finish yet.. I am heading in the bed now!! will be back 5 hours later then let's bitch more later!!

I am going to kiss his arrogant ass as soon as I wake up..

Boy, you are lucky I am in the great mood these day!! and I am enjoying all the thing happened in these " I am in such great mood " days..even the shittier, like talk to an terrible ex, date a horrible beast, or annoying back an arrogant ass!!
It's makes my days.., it's makes my days!!! I feel like " WHOOOAAA... I AM ALIVE...!!!!

more later..

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