Friday, November 03, 2006


Jesus.. freaking christ!! there's sooo many event happening during this week, there are heck of things and stories I wish I could share with you!!

Last night on the girl's night out, one of girl friend has turn up with her new TB boyfriend. No kidding!!
I used to picturing one day I'll become a lesbian.. but Gosh, I never had idea about her.. it's quite shock off the group, even thought we are cool with lesbianess/gayness and everybody was happy for them but the news do shock the heck out of the girl's ass!!

we are seriously feeling for her happiness, as we can tell that they are seriously into the relationship.. and to show her how much do I value her and her patner.. I go boozing like a madmen.. and end up puking on my own stilleto!!
and passed out on the bus- the driver ignore me when I beg him to walk me to my building - following by passed out in the evelator lift me up to my flat, thought I was in a senseless condition for awhile, maybe 5 minutes then security staff came up and kick my ass out from the evalator to my door..

afterwards I nearly broke my neck when passed out in the bathroom while peeing sat on the toilet..
The next early morning, my sister has caught my bare ass hanging out when I get off from bed- because I was too drunk last night.. I didn't put my thong back after pee!! and I still wearing the same top from work!! she remind kitty might get cold- fever- flu.. besides she found out there's some of cockroaches strangely running free in the kitchen, somehow its get lost into her bed room and its might get lost and penetration into my vagina.. my sister is Chi seen.. her imagination goo super-wild and unbelieveable crazy!! even she told me that she doesn't mind I become a lesbian.. as long as the girl must be a smart TB...Gosh!

well.. let alone my sister's weird brain and thoughts..
get back to my friend.. Carol.
Carol is she is absolutely beauty!! I am not kidding, if you ever viewing my photo album.. you could see she is the prettiest one, a princess.. !! a good girl, a good girlfriend.. but the break up with her former male boyfriend clearly put her in a horrible situation.. and it is sad if a cutie pie like her such in desperately seeking for love..
someone who is approach and appreciate her affection!!
and what wrong with that anyway??!!

and Ooh..someone told me, one of my date told her that I am not his type.. because I've been boozee too many and too much and too often!! and the very truth is he has had a crush after her.. imagine how heck the mess it was, godfuckingdamnit!!

besides he prefer a skinny cat than a chubby cat like mine...Lord knows what the heck going on.. adult-life always like this..
it's upset me a bit but.. no hurts/ no tears/ no mad/ no anger!! why should I mad anyway??!! I've learnt.. long long time from my past relationship's shits!!
not a big deal!!

I only need a honest- simple conversation.. good for him that he quite open and a talkable person..
I told him.. that's fine and I don't mind!! I am not in hurry to take anything serious yet as I had a lot of fun as lot as he was !! but I am simply not into a games.. but not in any rush either!! so be cool!! however there's something about my regulation that he might want to know..
~ I am not going to starve myself to be a skinny cunt!! not in any fuking way!!
~ I am not going trying to be somebody else by change my life style!! my boozing moment ain't do a harm thought.
~ I values my friends, family, exes and my son..
~I am not going to bent myself.. I had live my life for long long time ago and I love living like this.. sometimes taste like shits but I get used..
~I had my own plans and thoughts how to live my future life every now and then..but not at this moment!! once again MY OWN!! I maybe will count you in but maybe not.. it's depent to the situation!

and for the further I might pull back a bit, I might a little bit too busy to put you in my priority to do list..I maybe back off but not yet!!
I suggest to " cool down " ..... cool down!! Funny..
and never thought bring the issues out and talk it off could be a such a funny experience!!

I maybe going to date a girl next time if I got a chance.. and since I had a western sydrome.. my fantasy is a white smart-cool blonde TB!! I've spotted one last saturday noon while having wine and lunch with a date ( he is one of my admirer ) :D in The Beaches cafe in stanley beach area!!
she ( the TB girl ) was freaking cool... err.. I couldn't wink my eyes.. not even bother the guy sat front of me was looking quite cute!! but I think I'll go for that girl than a guy front of me.. what a sadness!! Grereeerrr....

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