Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October Boozing moment

Good golly... look at my boozees diary !!! O.o

October, 2nd
2 glasses Stella Artois @ Innside out beer garden, Causeway Bay.

October, 4th
1 Glass Chardonnay + Thai Beer @ Hot spicy Thai Restaurant, Causeway Bay.

October, 7th
2 Glasses Stella Artois @ Beck Cafe in Stanley Beach Main Street. Stanley Beach.

October, 14th
2 Glasses Mojito, 3 Vodka Cranberries @ Lan Kwai Fong Street Carnival, Central.

October, 20th
2 Chardonnay @ Someone's home..

October, 21st
1 Lychee Martini + 2 Margarita @ LKF, Bar George.

October, 24th
2 Red Wine @ Sabah Malaysian Cuisine, Wan Chai.

October, 25th
2 White Wine @ Colin's bar TST + 1 Champagne @ Carnigie's + Vodka redbull@ Klong Wanchai.

October, 27th
1 big shoot Vodka Cranberries @ Home..

October, 28th
2 Chardonnay @ The Beaches in stanley beach main street.

October, 29th
5 bottle Tsing Tao Beers..@ Colin's Boat Trip!!

October, 31st
I supposed to have happy hour boozee this evening but I decided to stay in at home.. for the safety reason!!

There's some picture of me during the boo booo boozing moment!!!! hosting in picturetrial.com!!

"Happy Halloween Soul!!" O.o

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mutleythedog said...

cant read much cuz the colour is black and the text is black - v, pretty pic of u . If u change it to be readable let me know at my site mutleythedogsdayout.blogspot

I dont blog anywhere else.