Monday, October 30, 2006

Tarot Tales!!

The Heart position reveals personal tendencies, romantic attitudes, goals, or intentions that may have an affect on your perspective, the results, or course of action.

The Death (reversed) in this position suggests that you may be resisting a great change, perhaps in your love life. You may feel afraid of what the future might hold if you are finally forced to let go of your attachment to old relationships, identities, or lovers. You are being reminded that by letting go, you may be able to allow some new life to emerge.

In general, the Death The Death card is quite powerful, but it almost never refers to actual physical death.
At its most basic level, Death is the letting go of the old to make way for the new. This is not always a pleasant experience, as you may be forced to accept the conclusion of one state in order to move on, or transition to another.
Two towers appear about to be swept away, a king appears to have been toppled, and the persons, both secular and religious seem to despair or beg for relief from this inescapable transition. However, note the radiant sun emerging from behind.
Death represents the end of an era, but also the beginning of another. It is time to get back to basics and become ready to re-emerge as the Phoenix. To do so will enable you to become more fully who you are meant to be, either as an individual, as part of a whole nation under one flag, or even through a whole new world view.
Death suggests that you accept certain changes as inevitable. Mourn if you feel so moved, but believe that new Life comes on the heels of Death. It is probably nothing personal, it simply just is.

The This Is Now position includes current status, motives, situation, or phase of your relationship, as well as a potential outcome and suggestions for making the most of present circumstances.
The Man of Cups (reversed) in this position suggests that you might be recognizing in yourself, reflecting, or being affected by the influence of this sensitive or gay Man in the quest for making a love connection, but he may have a different agenda or his heart may not be in it, and there could be shame, inexperience, cheating, infatuation, or secrets revealed, or beans spilled indiscriminately. Romantic overtures, surrender, or flirting are possibly conditional, unprotected, rejected, or a drag, the mood broken, or using them as emotional currency he might be withdrawing or withholding his affections, proposal, promise, support, or invitation as "punishment," or "taking you for a ride." Though he may be telling you what you want to hear, his sincerity may not be on the level, making trust, abandonment, or commitment an issue, especially if honor or reputation is at stake and he bails or leaves you to fend for yourself, for someone younger, or goes back to an ex, failing to pass the test by demonstrating weakness, or otherwise no longer reflecting who he feels you want him to be. An undercurrent of suspicion, insecurity, desperation, or jealousy stemming from fear, lust, regret, or closeted pleasures or dysfunctions may be tainting or interrupting what was anticipated to be an intimate encounter, affair, or leave taking, or he is possibly a "no show." Without cause to celebrate or feeling used, objectified, or played, the result is most likely hurt feelings, anger, tears, or a tidal wave of drama that might be revealing his dreamy, mysterious depths to be hedonistic, shallow, fake, or selfish. With sorrows or loss denied or drowned by pathetic self-righteousness, alcohol, food, promiscuousness, or other emotional comforting, exploitive, or abusive illusions, he could become vulnerable to losing control or disturbing the peace, but this could also be a turning point; a crossroads or opportunity to let go, to step out of the comfort zone or habit of demeaning or demoralizing the inner self by no longer complying for the sake of pleasing vanity, learning to say "no," or by refusing to measure self-worth, happiness, or love against outward beauty, fancy means, or sensual pleasures alone.

In general, the Man of Cups The corresponding astrological sign for the Man of Cups is Pisces, his energy is Yin, and his attributes can run the gamut from "fair haired" to dark, red, gray, unusual, or unnatural, and he can represent irrational idealism, but it can also be this sentiment that creates the desire to move from tension to release. This Man is on a quest, not simply following orders, and he may treat this quest as being greater than himself.
He can be seen in aspects of those who offer or receive proposals, bring messages of glad tidings, show off, flirt, or deceive others to gratify themselves, profess true love, as well as those who feel the need to rescue or be rescued in order to feel complete. (Think Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty,
Whether the intentions are selfish or selfless, (think Cassanova, or the women who follow the book "The Rules" in order to catch a husband), this Man will stay the course, for he is moved by deep or strong emotions and must get his message across, regardless of the cost to himself.
An example of the irrational idealism of the Man of Cups might be seen in Shirley Temple, Sir Lancelot, Maria Von Trapp from "The Sound of Music", or "Prince Charming".

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