Sunday, December 10, 2006

accidently expose my kitty cat in public while I got off from the pool.. I even feel no shame even it's cleary show off my precious clit..O,O

Last night I'd dream swimming free in a pool with another male swimmer right next to me following by accidently expose my kitty cat in public by the time I got off from the pool.. I even feel no shame even it's cleary show off my precious clit.. what this is mean?
annd ooh.. I can cleary remembered and regognize it was my kitty , it was shaven as well as a noticeable Large size cutest clit stuck between my smooth-shaven labia.. what these swim and genital dream mean anyway!!

here is go with the dream dictionary as well.. here is the link as well

Dream symbol:
swimswim, swims, swimming, swam, swimmer, swimmers

Exploring your emotionsIf you’re finding swimming difficult, it may indicate feeling overwhelmed or going against the flow
Swimming with ease suggests being comfortable with your emotions
Swimming underwater may represent immersing yourself in emotions or investigating new depths within your emotional field A challenge, where your choice is either to sink or swim

Dream symbol:
genitalsflood, floods, flooding, flooded

Your feelings about genitals within the dream state may indicate your relationship with either your own sexuality or sexuality in general
Feeling exposed or vulnerable Reproduction

Dream symbol:
Vagina, vaginas, vaginal

Needing to acknowledge your feminine aspects
Yin energy - receptive, passive, creative, intuitive energy
Repressed sexual memories
Vaginal problems may indicate anger at a sexual partner, sexual guilt, or self-punishment


The dream of swimming must be interpreted by using all the aspects of your dream to judge the extent of the good or bad signified by swimming. If you dream you are swimming in the ocean coming toward shore you will have good fortune in business and financial affairs through your hard work.
To be swimming in a pool shows that you will be unlucky in love and if you see females swimming in the pool you will have luck with love, to see males you will have luck in business, and if you see both you will experience both types of luck. If you are teaching someone to swim you will soon have an increase due to good fortune.

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