Friday, December 08, 2006

Dear sweet heart

Dear my little embryo..
it has been a week since I realized I have you in me.
that was the day that mama's world spinning in a upside down.. insanely in a chaos !!I know it's not your fault sweet heart.. you're happened to be here accidently.. you're absolutely innocent, definitely a sweet heart.. Mama can't blame you.. even when how heck the morning sick it was!!

Sometimes somehow knowing that you were there makes me smile with all the joyness, it all silly when I rest my hands on my belly trying to protect you from the crowds, knowing that I am starting to adores you.. knowing that my little embryo will turn into the most beautiful baby that I am dream of but some the other time when the reality hits on my nerves it just brings me bursting with tear.. Oh dear knowing that I might not able to afford you !! you probably feel the same.. do you? didn't you feel the anxious sweet heart?? didn't you scares?

You're soo tinny.. it's not that fair when I give you such pressure and ask " what should mama do, sweet heart??"
as you probably will only answer like this " It's up to you mommy.. "

you're soo tinny unnoticeable laying there silently in mama's belly.. but I can feels your existence, sweet heart!! wondering if there's a miracle.. there's a hope that secretly I am crazily thinking of!!

I know you like to drank milk and orange juices, I know you loves ate chocolate cakes and sushi.. Sweet heart we will do it more often.. it doesn't matter mama will put on some weight.. as long as we could spend times together!!
Mama always love you sweet heart.. from the first day you rock my world until the end of my life!!
love you sweetie.. have a good night!!

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