Thursday, December 07, 2006

Consult the tarot, work, love, work!!

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You are feeling uncertain, faced with a difficult or unsatisfactory situation. But don't worry, The Moon symbolises hope and your future will become clear if you are patient for a little while longer.

My feelings
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A strong feeling of excitement surrounds your question, which influences you greatly in your decisions. You are sorely tempted to drop everything and dash off on an adventure.

The answer
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It's time you stopped worrying, you won't have to wait much longer. The time for reflection and consideration is over, soon you'll know exactly what's going on when feelings will be revealed. Keep calm and prepare yourself for the truth, you may have already worked it out, in which case all you need is a confirmation. In any case, you will be able to decide hether to carry on as you are, or to make a new start. This card also represents natural sexual expression, no showing off, but no false modesty either!


You didn't ask for much, but suddenly find tempting offers pouring in: promotions, secretive offers from your competitors and all sorts of other unexpected opportunities. Take your pick, Consider your options carefully and keep a clear head. Most of all, don't lose sight of your aims. Your ambition is the most important thing and must take priority.

My feeling

Use your intiative and take action! If you feel stuck in the mud, take no notice of old conflicts and put your best foot forward.

Thee answer

You couldn't have planned it better! It's always the sale, when you are looking for a job you can never find one, when you are happily settled at something, the offers pour in. This card indicates proposals which may be out of your area of expertise, maybe in an artistic or creative area, or in communication. The way you express yourself has got you noticed, but taking a step like this needs a little thought. It is definately the time to jump in with both feet and to try your hand at something you have always wanted to do. This is a real chance, you are in a strong position and your demands will be met.
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