Monday, December 04, 2006

is he going to call

10 of Hearts

They say that the sunshine comes after the rain.
So keep you head up and trust to time instead of wallowing in negativity!
Did you think that the situation had become so desperate that it would be better to turn the page for once and for all? You were wrong and the weeks up ahead will prove it, by bringing their own news.
Some of you will finally receive the call they had been waiting for, while others will receive an invitation or kind word on their doormat or in their inbox.
Things will look up soon for your relationship, even if they have been especially difficult of late.
Everything will become clear soon as things get moving, maybe this is why you've been thinking of making more of a commitment.
It will all be decided soon...

December 4, 2006

A gift you weren't expecting could arrive, and you might not even be sure who sent it. Communications of all kinds are vague and somewhat unfinished, as though everyone's too preoccupied to express themselves very well. You might be wondering if you should go out and run some more errands, but unless they're vital, ivy, this isn't a good idea. You need to relax more this evening than you need to go out.

December 5, 2006
A number of invitations to social occasions with people whose company you enjoy immensely could come in the mail today, or perhaps by phone. Lengthy conversations could result from your RSVPs. You might receive letters or emails from friends or relatives who live far away, ivy. At least one communication received today is going to turn your life in a different direction. New information could open up doors that you may not have considered before.

Week of December 4, 2006: On Monday, the spotlight is firmly on your deepest desires, since the Full Moon is in your sign and in your house of self. On Tuesday, Mars enters Sagittarius and your partnership sector. You are the sign of the Twins, and you have a special need to connect with someone you can go through life with and bounce your ideas off of. You may be seeking not just a romantic partner, but a professional one also. On Thursday, you might decide to settle down with a long-term love or perhaps to join forces with a colleague so you can start a business together. On Friday, your ruler Mercury zooms into Sagittarius. Your thinking will start to become more carefree, and you should begin to look at your life from a philosophical perspective. You could also consider relocating for either business or personal reasons, and you might seriously think about taking a long trip to a locale you have always wanted to visit. On Saturday, you might realize that you need to let a friend learn from his or her mistakes and not offer advice. Sunday you may have a sudden inspiration on how to work out a tangled situation with a family member.

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