Monday, December 18, 2006

New Job, New Boss, New Boobs..

My first day !!
Everything well.. soooooooo smooth!! briefly met the HR manager, she chat in a nice manner..
and I'll have to work with Indonesian and Philippino colleagus and seemed everybody there get very well..
guess what.. my current supervisor is a friend of the manager of my previous company.. and they'd banter information about me and sound like I got a good recomendation as well..
Lucky me.. some folks still value me as a good friend / employee material although I had my attitude when I have to stand my ground up..

Thought I always lucky have bunch of real friends that willing to help and support me.( Chika that wrote a recomen letter, Susan that introduce me to Chika, Anita ask me if I fancy in marketing, Shirely, Pauline, Sandy.. ) I've them wishes text or support calls during the lunch hour!!
Ooh.. and my beloved sister too.. she makes sure that I've wear the right dress code and put on right coat that match with my boots!!
She also seriously also remind me about my attitude.. :))
Everything seemed will goes very well..

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my attitude....scares me die sometime..
I had lunch with Susan today and ran into my previous boss by accidently..
nothing ugly thought as we wave each other friendly!!
well.. I wish he run the company best anyway and hopefully the new staffs helpfull too!!
I am gladed that I've make the decision to leave my comfort zone. get myself work into a big company.. with a big benefits.. awesome..
my first day.. smooth and nice, couldn't slow down to pick up my job knowledgment , skill and details as well....
I don't look like a dumb.. but I don't show off either!! I learnt to be always sincere and humble..
everything great, except my body get tired easily and feel unwell all the times..
almost faint during my way to home..
God.. I hate my condition..

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