Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Does this freak the shit out of your pant!! knowing someone has been using your picture go online?

I'd heard there are a lots of freaks will do that, using someone's picture go online. and one of my online female friend went totally hell when she found out her picture posting at an dating website.
She go all angry, it upset her for age, it's hurts!! very understandable!!

For long time ago, I did thought it might happen to my picture too, as I got many of them hosting online..and her story got in my nerves, I was thinking to go online and delete all of them. however most of the folks that I talked with aren't agreed with the deleting idea, so I went off with the thought." well.. shit are always happen and when it's happen it just happen"
I was like.." well, there's always risk business everywhere, I can't to be care if it happen thought."

After all, I've spent lots of energy and time sitting front of computer to create those online album, besides I didn't keep the back up album in my computer or CD.

but shit really happened to me, just now! I browsing my friendster profile just to found out who's view my profile and stuffs.
and I got all freak out, just to found out this horrible profile
with my picture as it primary photo.

this pic I took as request of Mr.Charming back to October 2005.
I remebered I was angry because someone cancelled the" Marijuana sexy night" because he was got all mad fight with his bitchy boss!! and I end up drinking alone in the bar somewhere in Central, back to home chatted online Mr.Charming, he do all the cheers up till really late that night.

I want to leash out to the profile owner but I didn't.

I wrote in Bahasa claim the pic was mine and it's wicked using someone picture go online.
I also wrote to the friends of hers..I hope to get feedback!
actually.. I about nearly to explode, I wanted to be able get on plane fly to that fucking Indonesia, get all the fucking unhappiness steam out right to that fucking fuck face!!

God, I am soo fucking upsetting!!
and ooh... I also report faker profile as offensive content!!

she or he( I believe he is a male )has use my picture to create an fake friendster profile..
whoever the person it is he/she, the behaviour absolutely anal and unacceptable..

I am going to closed all my online album and sign my signature on it..
all the pic will have @bee. sign on it!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my mood now is: fucked up!! Grreeerrrrr!!
want a real hard fuck now..

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