Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mind your own business morons... keep your fucking moron's nose off from my stuff and shit!! I Simply just in love

My present job.. I vow all the promise to be early in the bed, sleep my beauty sleep so I could wake up by 7am, get all pretty, looking fresh and smeel coco chanel, there's no late excuse allowed for me!!
I never been like this! I think I am mad in love to my job.
I really am and I uncontrolable working..working and keep studying.. lovely huh??!!!

I really mad when it come to learning new knowledge and stuff.
My brain got overexcited, like it couldn't stop thinking, wondering, questioning and I can't just shut my mouth up until I hear the better explaination.
all I wanted to know is how to do my task porperly and done it happilly..
I afraid, sometime I'd annoyed the hell out of my senior's asses!
but lucky me I working with a bunch of wise-genius folks that willing to assist me as well.
they treated me nice and seemed to be appreciate me pretty well, they really are. I think intelectual people are much confidence and humble which understanding the needs to train and tell their junior as well, mean while the business is going to be well if they got all the knowlegde of the subject and the point views job regulation.

I've been told that I am a fast learner, humble and pretty face =)
not only that, I also got client tell me that I have a sweet voice that made them feel comfortable and wanted to talk more, mean while the more we talk through the phone the chance that they interested in the marketing I am doing on.

and I have to thank's lord that I'd get along with them, well I think it's no hard for me to get along with people..
friend said " It's feel like been know each other for ages, like a long lost friend.."
I go friendly with all kind of people but I never can stand a morons up.

I am okay with bitchy people, bastard , jerks are quite welcome to have a brief intelectual chat but you better fuck the hell off from my sigh if you're a trashy brainless gossip talker!! I don't speak to a cheap worthless loser!!

Arrghhhh.... My eyes even got sore like fuck if I happened stare at an idiot people..You don't have to be pretty, rich or smart but you can't be that idiot and snob at the same time.. you know what I mean!!

I feel sooo lucky that I am born with geminian brain that have ability to memorize the office stuff and shit.
I learn really fast, I move really fast, and I could talk your brain melted, sometime it's overhelming but most of the time people do love me to bits by talking them out of blue,

I am no kidding and I am no shame about over proud about my ability. why shouldd the hell we shame about being all kindess anyway,
Actually I am not that smart, I sometime agreed that I went all stupid most of the time when the mistake happened during the progress.
But I didn't go bragging like bitch, I keep it myself, however folks that work in the same office with me do tell the " Wwwoooww,, You're very fast, learn, talk, move, But my boss much appreciate my convice ability, my words do buy the client get back at me..

however there's always couple of snob in the office world.. always!!
I named them as " office morons"
esspecialy those who think they had a piece of smart ass but actually they had nothing but a piece of trashy gossip useless worker!
those morons who have no abilities to do a shit, all they are care is gossip and do the moronness, they think all about other's shit, always get itchy over other's work..envy! They were super lazy.. or I should said they were too snob to be bothering to get at the job.. the job basically is marketing, Tele-marketing, Tele-interview..
and they get jealous to the new sigend pretty either face and brain..pretty employee like me, a new rock star =)

it's funny when some of the girls working in the different branch got all bitchy and keeping checking my shit, always almost working days and it's cracking my ass off!!
they way they calling to each other just to find out that.
1. I've been married before.
2. I've an British boyfriend.
3. I wasn't as curves as before.

There are couple of shit they dying to know

1. Is I get kicked out from my previous marriage.
2. Is me and my British boyfriend are still together.
3. Do I speak good English.
4. Is it truth if I could read Chinese.
5. Is it truth I work well in computer field and the internet stuff.
6. Is it truth I work well as a beautician before.
7. Do I handle my job well..
8. Do I have a pretty face, it is real or plastic surgery.
9. Do I sleep around.
10. Do I own a vibrator.
11. Do I drink.
12. what about dancing in the club.
13. Will I give blow job in the office toilet
14. Is my salary higher than them..

You know what??
I give no damn.. no respond to the anal messenger that pretended to be friendly walk and glue on my table trying to spy on me!! even do the dirty move.. keep disturbing when I do the telephone marketing.. once a time I was in the end of my rope.. she did all the fucking annoying disturbing for the whole morning, I was like " holy fucking freaky anal shit!!

as I pointing my middle finger right front of her moron's nose!! she went off to her own table!! what a freak!!

I didn't said a words, wasn't even bother to looking at her at all, as I keep busily flirt with my client in the phone..the client signed the agreement anyway..

I wasn't interested gossiping right now, my curiosity about the new job got all my attention. there's lots of thing to learn, it's made me excited every then and now..
Mind your own business morons... keep your fucking moron's nose off from my shit

I can't wait until I get my paycheck.. God, it has been awhile since the last time I bought myself a new cell phone...cosmetic stuffs, body lotion and shits..

I love my paid day die..!! =))

Can't wait to spend some dough pampering my tired ass... =))
and oooh...oohhh..!! a new dating game is starting now!!
Kitty cat has been all good and nice lately!!
Thought it's a time to get her a play mate.. =))

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