Sunday, February 04, 2007

Anti- Masturbatory Cream

Ohh my gosh, look at the girl that had a guy licking her pussy off!!
Damned.. I wish to be her.. pussy!!

Damn, was I am envy now??! Godammed..
I am fuckin hate to be fuckin envy like this!!

I've talk to one of my girl friend in MSN, she bring up an " Valentine day" topic!! and ask me if I'll have a Valentine guy, I blow at her that I am going out hunting soon.
I'll hunt a guy to be my valentine lover.. only for one day!!

I still thinking.. being single suck!!
Being single and horny damn suck!!
Being single, horny and alive.. fucking damn suck!!
and being single, horny and alive in the Valentine day is.... arrghh!! I don't know what to say now!!
I think I running out of filthy word!!

I think, I better dead off now!!

I mean I better dead off to bed with a tube of this Handzoff!!
" Anti - Masturbatory Cream. "
I don't want to think about Valentine and shit now..
I am blank.. my brain blanked!!
I want to get myself in the bed, lack of sleep lately.
got to take my aromatherapy shower.. I need to calming down...I got the Lavender shower cream, Lavernder body lotion, Lavender massage oil..tonight is Lavender treatment night.

My mood has been in a sensitive state lately, it has a crabby week for me, I think, I can work the blue out soon.
I am trying to just forget everything, except my job, work always come first anyway!! but I still available for lunch or drink after work. anyone fancy.. give me a shout!!
write me to my myspace..

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