Saturday, February 24, 2007

single parent life.. garcious!

Staurday, me on holiday again!!
me just kicked my rugrat's ass get on the bus that going to drive him back to his dad in yuen long.

It has been a long- crabby week for me, during the Chinese new year holidays, I got my little rugrat slept over for couple of day, started from last Wednesday until this afternoon. he got all excited for the red pocket things. this can be understanding though, as a kid myself, I also overexcited during the CNY moment. back to that kiddo moment it was the best the days in my life.. I said it loudly" Gracious!!"
I think it can be say so as the best days in all Chinese children life ever.. Gracious!!
But no gracious for those folks that I've been letting down of.
You know, I am kind of " single mother" as well. although I am not a full time single mom but I am do my full time " mother thing" once my son with me.
so I feel really sorry for them who got sore, that I can't make all the meeting-hang out thing.
Dude, my son always come in first priority after my job so kindly please try to understand.
I can't help if you dudes got all annoyed about this matter, but " single parents" life are always like this...
this is what single parents have to dealing every day and in my case I only dealing sometime in a week or 2 weeks, couple day in a month doesn't hurts thought but I can't really help if this is going to breaking the friendship or whatsoever!! me don't take a shit that made me end up explaining shit like a whore..

so little rugrat got the red pocket.. and he end up with an Gundam miniature!! He went to shopping with my sister when I am out to work.. and it's heck expensive but seemed like he is happily spending some bucks for himself..
all right, I am not a nagging mom, it's none of my business since it's not my money!! Gracious!!

I think my boy has had a very good time being companioned by sister, Ben and me.
the we went off to movie " Night in the museum" my favorite scene is that " Dinosaurus dog" thing.and my son favorite scene is the " Ben stiler slapped monkey" thing.
my sister took him to lunch/ makerting during the day time then watching random Gundam dvd with Benny and all the video games too..Gracious!!

and ooh.. there's a moment that he met Susan's daughter Jessy. and my boy totally adoring her as they were play together for awhile and get along and as my boy told me " Mom, Jessy is very cute!!
This very understandable though, because Jessy is a fabolous girl.She really is =)

after my son leave, me went off to shop around, Zara, Mango, Morgan, Sisley!! Girl, the shoes and jeans killed me but I buy nothing.. I only got the funny feeling.
It was hell crowded like.. there's hell waiting list in the fitting room, and there's couple every where,
and I laugh soo hard in my heart ( I have no reason laugh out when I just on my own, people may think that I am crazy so I only allowed myself LOL in my heart!! ) It's really funny stare at a bunch of poor guys in the woman's clothes area.
Like a bunch of them are standing like a numb-stone, watching hopelessly at their crazy wives / girlfriends for couple hours!!
Like they were desperately wanting to get home.. I think they're pray for a miracles seriously.. wanting to get home.
those women look like ants.. running here and there, grabbing all the shit that catch on their eyes.. turn around in the front of mirror!! and chatty like .. do I look good in this? buzz.. buzzz.. Gee, this jeans made my ass so fuckable!! buzz.. buzzz..

I was thinking if the boutique owner could make a hang out corner that provide with couch and mag so guys can chill out in awhile when their women got checking out the stuff in the shop.
I suddenly have a feeling for the guys there.. and I can't help but hating for being there.
God, I can't take this anymore.. it was sad situation for not being a single man =)
and it was shame scene for not being a single woman. I will never let my man suffering like this, I am much prefer going off to shopping with my girls than stand up my beloved one waiting like an idiot when I am checking out my woman's stuff..

So I off to the book store, Page one in Time Square.
there is a ton of book that I wanted to buy.
Like I've order the one called " Men, Love and sex the complete user's Guide for women and " it will deliver to me by April, Yawn.. I got to wait a month for that hot book.. yawwn!!

after all, Me got two sexy book :1. The truth that men doesn't want women know about by Smith and Doe2. Cosmopolitan complete satisfation the guide to a fabolous sex!! Me planning to * licking his lollipop and see he drool *

Me also wanted to buy the sexy- kama sutra games card, an everyday sex position book, the better sex guide for a busy single parents..
Me wondering.. how to get a guy fancy to share my new sexy stuff..

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