Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Saving Private Vagina

Watching at Saving Private Ryan in the Pearl TV, I was thinking what if one day we, women got to running a war business!!
and my sister said " it could be real soon just according to the global survey there's lack of new born babies boy theseday. let alone those men who's dead during the war or from everyday accident.
I was thinking if women could work the war scene well.. just to think about how mess the Period/ Menstrual situation women dealing at every month. let alone the fucking PMS mood swinging. we were too emotional that might screw the whole war strategy up.

Can we get shoot in the bloody ass on the heavy flow period day??

Can we just called off every 3 hours and walk away to change the napkin or tampon during the shooting scene??

Okay, fine forget the menstrual issue, it just take not more than a week for every female soldier!!
what about pull down the pants and squat... PEE!! like we have to drink a lot of water and pee like every 3 hours.. to prevent those nasty

what about the daily vagina hygienes care then??
where's the tissue and clean water are require to clean the fucking vagina after pee and shit.. afterwards remember to wipe the fucking labia from front to back otherwise the bacteria from the bloody ass could crawling into urinary track that immediately caused a fuckin urinary track infection.. that kind of pain is start in the urinary track hell up to the clitoris way.. it's burn baby!!
there's nothing than a nasty urinary track infection.. like Oooh.. fuck !!!

Sunday stay in night, me and sister got a fullhouse, it feel damn good laying on the couch, chills out on the front of TV. Me not very into TV and movie thing.
watching at " Saving Private Ryan " damn war movie that cool like fuck!!
myself, I almost always into kind of war movies. although Saving Private Ryan is one of my favorite war movies ever but my first favorite is" The Great Rid" then following is The Wind Talker , U-571 and so on..

and war movie I love to bits when I feel like my eyes wanted to have a good cries...I have a serious problem dealing towards to my emotion state. like I somehow feel terribly down and I don't know why I felt in that shitty way but I know that I'll feel better if I could do myself crying like a fuck, it sometime like I have to force my brain to recalls a very fucking sad memories to make myself a 3 minutes cries. but there's very small chance that I could get in to a tearfully moment because most of the time I giving up after trying for an hours and there's not even one drop fucking tear!!
Recalls back at those sad situation and condition, I wish do me cry like a baby but I just can't. if I could I really would...Me not a tough coockies whatsoever but I am not that tearful person either, Me just feeling numb when it comes to the sadness in the past. it can say so that I feel nothing towards the rough days in the past.
I most of the time really wanted have a good cry just to relaxing my nerves. and that Sunday night I really had a very good 3 minutes cry as well as I speak my thought about the " Saving Private Ryan" movie.
and my sister also fancies of the " Saving private Ryan" like she never get bore watching its over and over.. But actually it was that Tom Hanks got her attention seriously!! and I'll always go for Matt Damon... He got such a cute butt like my ex's has, Mr. pretty dick!! and believe me both of them are so much look alike, fuckin cute!! and Mr. pretty dick is the former US army as himself and I think that's why I am so much into about the war and army stuffs.

and I was thinking what if one day if we women have to be taking business in the war.

However it doesn't mean that I lenjoy seeing people die during the war, only psychopath will!!
I hate war but I don't and never hate the soldiers and only psychopath will hate them..

so be blessed.. that we women don't have to go to war yet!!
and do please help other women pray their beloved one could be home safety...
What would women ask more than seeing the beloved one growing old, behave and kicking alive!!

People much selfish theseday, couldn't bothering about the war and shit if it wasn't happen in the country they were living in. either will not give a flying fuck about those soldiers who's injuries / dead / fighting for the government.

Mr.Pretty dick is gonna be 34 by 1st March!! God knows, I wish his the best, though I don't hate his penis anymore =)
and I am glad that he never have to be in the army anymore, the old days was always a good memories that bring me no tears but smile, even thought sometime it taste sour in awhile.

wish you read this... happy birthday !! muah!

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