Sunday, March 04, 2007

be scare be fucking scare now..

Dear Ivy,
Here is your single's love horoscope
for Monday, March 5:

Don't drop the proverbial ball when it comes to somebody with romantic potential!
You'll need to be conscientious about following up and following through now -- or you might miss something sweet.

I trully don't give a fucking fuck about this fucking shit..I really am got so fucking over it!
was am I angry?? ask yourself... and fuck yourself if you couldn't figure out Why..
what I am angry at?? ask yourself.. go fuck a chicken if you have no idea what I am fucking angry at...

shut the fucking up every then and now and ask your fucking self what
the fuck you did have done.. however it doesn't matter now as I am not going to fucking trust you so either you do.

However, I just don't understand why do people got an idea if south horizons are just few step close to wong chuck hang...
yes.. it just take 5 minutes by taxi.. and 10 minutes by mini bus although it's quite close but it's aren't that really close!!
I mean it's aren't that really fucking close.. not that kind of few fucking step between.. you know what I mean???

Well.. you might have no idea what I mean but if you're just living in Wong chuck hang or South horizons then you will get the point..what I am talking about!
I just soooo tired about some girls asking me this.. why was that??!!!

who want to give a flying fuck about who is in wong chuck hang and why I am in South horizons.. stupid!!

Stupid everywhere, office stupid, stranger stupid, so called stupid friends, that think nothing say nothing but only fancies to bring you down.
stupid annoys me!! stupid drove me mad that I'll pointing a shoot gun ( if I own one ) and fire it in the that stupid's mouth!! bang bang... got to stupid hell!!
be honest I wasn't really angry..I feeling hurts than's really hurts seriously!!
This is make me to think over about trusting people and letting them getting close to me, close enough to hurts me................. is this silly????!!!
I think the stupiest person is me... is this what people get for being nice, kind.. friendly to others?
I was always a nice person, the one who is passionate to show a stranger around and I got a lot of praise, compliment for being a good person.. just like today, it was a new staff that said to another staff saying " how a good, nice person I am, totally no snob!!
But somehow I just don't understand why do people have to be sooooooooooo super jerk and taking advantage to the another one??
it is better off as a mean fucker than a nice one???
Me sooo scare, really really scare... when a friendship just goes all bitchy.. it's hurts!!

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