Sunday, February 18, 2007

When You pissed me off, I wrote you a nice poem

You're pissed off!!
Everything pissed you off!! soo many shit, too many fuck, soo many cock that we wanted to fuck!! But... shit happen!! not enough time, this is suck!!

You said a massive shit messed you up!! Me feeling you!!
You said you need me to to kick shit off!! Me willing to support you!!
You ask me in and drag you out!! Me, happily been there for you !!

You having said the words, you wanted a talk that fresh you up, You wish a tea break!!
God, you were the one started the hook up!!
Shit, you were the one whos is called then hang up!! Me, Fuck this!!
Cowardly you back off, running away like a worthless whore.. Me really shocked! Me, Fuck this!!
Me really don't understand what in your mind.
Me having to say " Fuck This!! " Me, really couldn't be bother to entertaining your ass!!
Me give up, Me rather shut the fuck up!! Me really pissed the fuck off!!
You fucked the whole evening up, and me the one who is left feeling fucking down!! the whole evening....
Me will not give a damn fuck caring about your pee and shit, Me really fuck this... If you want to know the truth....
Me really fucking fucker-hater if you want to know the truth...
Me could be a grandmotherfucker if you want to know the truth...
Me a real rude, this ain't funny though, so why do the fuck you said a shit but don't mean to keep it... what the fuck is really it????

Me really don't give a fucking fuck about shit happened to you, Me rather poking at my asshole till my shit out than listen at you.. me soon get over it or having to say that me fucking sick.. you bull shit!
Me pissed like a fuck.. Me fucking mad if you want to know the truth.. ..

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Vlad said...

What is going on here?