Thursday, March 22, 2007

Old men make the better lover..

Very true...... Damned true..!!!
the experience told .. Guys in age 34, 35,36..40,41,42..45, 46..something..have a real "thing" to proof..

They're mature enough to be such a caring person, Most of them willing work their way to meet up your needs:

1. Orgasm - Emotion needs!! their experiences told him.. you has had the Big O..

2. Finance needs!! Take you to movies, dinner, drink, cab needs

3. Attention needs!! the whole body needs more lick, rub, suck, kiss..blows, starting from toes till earlobe..from clit, labia and anus... all the attention needs..

No selfish thing..
1. They will lick you to don't have to return treat them BJ.. it's all up to you..

2. They make sure you had the amazing orgasm... always! and you don't have to tell them.. They just know it !!

3. They make sure you're in a good condition before/after sex!!
4. They will put you in the cab, make sure the driver will drive you home safely..

My experience teach me....They will never cocked - choke me to die..Even the penises they got trully kind of huge.., It's not about the size.. it's about the respect, I never got choked .

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