Friday, March 16, 2007

last night I am close to die.. no kidding!!

Wednesday off from work-hook!!! I am off today ,
I think I've spent my off day wisely.. I spent half day pampering my self, reading books, do myself facial treatment ( I was a profesional beautician before ) manicure, pedicure.. painting my toenails in maroon red!! Get the fuckin bedroom clean!! Then off jogging around in South Horizons, following give my sister a help, went grocerries with her and do the all carrying the shopping bags..Exhausted but feeling good, it has been ages since the last time I do sports back in Jakarta.. I swam a lot in January last year in Jakarta!!

I feel kind of dizzy... caused I just done the bleeding period, my blood pressure always on the low!! but no more bloody pussy today, can't wait to have some fun tonight.. =))

8pm off to Wan chai, dinner out with my girls in Carniegie's!! lot of laughs, flirts, foul language spill out like.. mad after 2 pint of cold beers.. hell of fun!!
I've accidently ran into couple of old friends, but the funny thing is when I thought I was cool to introduce them to get to know each other.. it was when I get the point, that HK is actually very small world.. It's turn out that everybody know each others well.
it's all fine... until I get at my baby!!! I think I am about drunk, even thought I only downing off two glass of Stella draff beer and one glass champagne and one shooter!! But I really feel like fucked up!! so I have him come to get me home..
I was fine .. walking straight to home.. No big deal, no drunken drama when get into the elevator that lift me up to 29 floor of service apartment in the mid-level area.. Gee.. I feel like a rich tai tai now =))
I was still fucking fine.. got a quick shower!! it feel super good actually!! and feel super fine when my cutie pie, kissing my neck, ears and back !! damned.. it feel soooooooooo GOOD!!!
I was fine.. it was fine, we nonstop made out like a mad for an hour!! everything just fine!! He fuck me amazingly nice!! I feel dizzy with pleasure.. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk ........iiiiiiinggggggggggggg GOOD!!!!!
I feel jittery and something bothering me.. a few drop of blood drove me crazy,, the bloody period keep distracted me from orgasm.. that I worried it's gonna stained the bedsheet,.. I think because it was the last period day, once again I hate my period for screwing my moods!! fuck this!!! I love the whole penetration- fucking moment.. but I really hate the period!!
I was too exhausted that I fallen asleep straightly after he pull off his cock from me.. I've been asleep like death for like 2 hours or more!!! I woke up and jerk off from bed, thought that I need to pee and washing up my naughty pussy.. damned it's about sore.. a little bit sore!! but it feel good anyway, I couldn't be bother.. too sleepy/dizzy to bothering..!!!
Off to washroom.. feeling dizzier than before, I think I am gonna puke but I didn't..!!
Shit happened when I reach to the kitchen for a glass of water!! I downing off one glass of really cold water.. Nice!!
Shit really happened when I finished and put down the glass.. and looked around.. it's all dark!! it supposed to be a slight light in the room.. but I see nothing!!
Shit really really.. happened when I thought I am gonna collapse.. I was blank!! for a moment.. I think my heart has stop beating for a second, I really blank.. I had no idea what happened.. it's like that I can't remembered what happening on that moment.. I even can't hear my breathes... everything dark!!
the next I get my senses back, I am trying to get back to bed.. I think I was crawling.. and when I get my sigh back I was in the bathroom.. crawling back to the bedroom, sneak in the bed, laying next to my deathsleep cock.. he notice me sweating with cold sweats.. and ask me " what happened!!" are you okay??"

I only can respond.. NOD!!! and doze for an hour!!!! then waking up...that naughty cock.. sneakily slidding inside my kitty.. naughty cock wanted a dawn fuck!!.. Very naughty!!!

I wondering if people could just die due too much drunken fuck??
and why was about... the dark moment?? some says because I bleeding too much... , like I have to take 500mg of Transamin tablets to stop the bleeding..

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