Thursday, May 10, 2007

I wish meet real fuckers with whom I really click :D

Holy cow.. Me 29 years going to be 30 soon.. still 2 weeks to go until 23rd of May.

Remembered when I was a little girl..I can't wait to be at 10.

Like I can't wait to get 20... now I can't wait till 30 :D
I feel exciting, it's feel like damn sexy..

Recalls back when I was young at my teens, I wasn't a sexy and there's no smart teenager at all.
but I getting better when I was at earlier 20 and even bertter when I getting older.. everything looked in a brilliant way.

I just tooo happy become 30.. brilliant.. I feel brilliantly smart and seriously sexy :D
I wish get my sexy ass travel to somewhere sexy....all white sand beaches.. turquoise blue water...Sunglasses, hat, sarong , then imagine this perfect romance.. me having a pretty cock that always laying next to me... always standing next to me.... getting hot and hard for me..always lusting after me.. looking after my kitty.... always up to humping me..

I've booked a birthday getaway to Thailand on my birth date.... there's only me and another girl in a group.. but me and her wasn't click at all.. she is not the type that I used to hang out with.. she wasn't that " intellegent " kind of laid-back folks.
I can't imagine if I have to spend a whole day with her.. no dare to imagine having this girl sticking around day and night for the whole fucking week..
I might will commit suicide... I am no kidding.
ask everyone that know her.......... she is scary to be having fun with..

In case I failled to persuade one or two fucker interesting join on my party.. then think I am going to call it off * sigh... :(
sooooooooooooo sad * double sigh..................... :(

Arrghhhh....................I'll have at leat 2 days off.. my birthday plan is staying at home playing PS2 days and nights!!!

Birthday wish: " meet real fuckers with whom I really click "

Resident evil.......... here I come

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