Saturday, May 05, 2007

It's raining outside...

I hate raining.. it such a messed, I feel uneasy, hate umbrella...arrghhhh!!!!
And I feel horny as hell, it has been long time since the last time I get sexy :(
it has been long time since my mom arrived in.... arrghhhhh.. I need my own space.. arrghhhh I kind of hate this!!
Seemed like I am going to live a celibate life again... arrghhhh!! remembered I had 3 months boring-celibate life, back to 16 months ago in Jakarta. I was terrible person that I have to make an excuse get off to swimming pool every couple of days in a week... just to found I excitedly masturbating myself in the shower room after a very quick swim ... :(

Lately my sister said that I act no wild.. I have no boozing, no night out.. I get home as soon as I off from office. even my bedroom and bathroom are tidy like freak's, it's not like she is going to notice my " toys" and half empty lubricant are likely messed on my bed..
" it's strange!! " she said that she hasn't saw any lately

Oooh Well, I think it because my mom bouncing around.. I don't want she think weird about me.
I even have no dare staring or touching my toys... let alone the idea playing with them... , I locked them in the very safe place.. that still bothering me bad and made me feel super stresseed.. I worried that my mom accidently find them... or maybe its suddenly buzzing by itself.. who knows many stuffs switch on by itself.
Last night when I took shower.. I had an urges took them play along with me in the bathroom but the thought of the buzz of my toys might get my mom knock my bathroom door totally turn my libido off to hell.. arghhh,, I might just become frigid myself soon * sigh.........................

as I mention before my mom is about stay at least 3 months in HK.. that mean at least 3 months celibate life for me........... it's good if I can only ignoring my human needs without having to worry what if I can get my passion back??
what if after 3 months?? I might have to dealing with frigidnity.. arrghhh ..Kau Meng Aaahh!!! :0

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