Monday, May 14, 2007

My niece.. had a super thick hair!!

Yay.. my sister gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday night.
My weekend is all about my sister and her new born. saturday was woke up middle of night poor sister couldn't moan and groan.. about her baby bump , like she is about to give birth.

4am, Mother and Ben drive her to hospital while I went back to bed, play a little bit with my cat before sleep a little sleep :D

7am, Me got to work early morning :D
Office hours finish at 1pm, it's a pefect time for pizza and beer while moaning about office life.
After too many beerd, I got a little buzz when I arrived in the hospital.. just to found out that my sister all grumpy and her baby still stuck in her belly.. GOSH!!! she is swearing like " #@!!!
I can understand though.. they're sruck in the hospital since 5am this morning, no wonder if her mood cranky like #@#@#@@!!!!~~~

almost 4pm when I pick up my mom from hospital to home!!
back ack.. get the f**kin house clean, the whole fuckin house I mean.. I made everything clean like fucking heaven. I no kidding.. I nearly broke my back and neck doing all the housework after all I feel damn glad, I think my sister will cry if she know what I've done at home while she is away.
back to hospital at 6pm in the evening but my sister hasn't gave birth yet @@.
me and mom stay pretty late in hospital. while her husband staying up there for 20 hours.. finally baby born in this crazy world at 11pm... gosh........................ everybody in joy!! Folks in Jakarta couldn't stop bitching about this new born :D

went to work early Sunday morning.. work like fuckin bitch started 8:30am.. nonstop until 5:30pm. no time for fuckin food, no chance for fuckin drink.... even no time to breathe.. very mess.. super hectic!!
even my period suddenly came.. I was all bleeding and one of my costumer notice that blood dripping all over my left leg.. I can give a damn care though.. I keep working and working and blood even dripping on the floor... I still give no damn...... God, I was super busy that not even have time to replacing my tampon * yuck!!

6pm arrived in hospital.. visit my new born niece.. she is totaly adoreable.. she had that hell thick of hair..... imagine dragon ball, that kind of thck hair she have. :D
8pm off to dinner with mom and Cindy.. the food taste like shit * sigh............ sucked!!
Monday.........working like bitch again..I told my supervisor to block all the incoming call unless it's from people that I deal business with. I made a fucking good deal at work today... and I can say I feel fucking proud about myself. :D

back at home.. me ironing a ton of clothes for the whole weekday.. hand washing a ton of underwears.. Now... I think I already dead @@

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