Friday, May 18, 2007

Almost 30

God.. still one weeek to go until my birthday.. I am about 30 soon,
Thinking about it somehow made me paranoid with the thought that I maybe look very .. sour, fucking bitter and old.. It's kinda scares me.. ........ hence I done a lots of self-documentary.
Getting 30 is scary.. it's weid to tell people how old I am.. when they asking my age.. however,

I think I am looking kinda hot though.. specially when I squat and pee..
look at my booty.. smooth and pimples FREE!! Yayyy....
I love my booty more.. love getting a special treatment.............I love my butt........... specially my butt hole!! it's love pressure............special pressure!! I mean special pleasure!!
I also thinking there's can be a lot of folks jealous about my 30 something virgin hot butt.. who doesn't envy anyway??

Look at this picture taken last wednesday in the toilet during wee-wee break in cinema back to last wednesday.. Spiderman 3 in IFC Central. everthing there that night are FREE!! except.. sex no FREE!!

There's couple of FREE thing that impressed me sooooooooo much:

1. Free movie ~ Spiderman 3.. pretty cool :D

2. Free dinner in Coco curry Thai restaurant... love the green mango salad and stirr-fry morning glory.. yumm!!

3. Free drink in The Cavern bar... awwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhh!! drunk.. hangover!!
I end up throwing up in the bathtube of mine as the next morning still I can see morning glory and green mangoe salad swimming in it..

Thank's to Chicka babe....and her darling :D thank's many thank's to Gawain...

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