Wednesday, May 23, 2007

City summer young dick

8:45am, Monday morning, on my way walking my hungover ass to my office. it was when I spot a very cute teenager, a very cute caucasian teenager.. like 14 years old him has that magnetic thing that strong enough to get all my ears and eyes at him, Well..he has that adoreable blond hair, wearing that red football things.. carrying a breakfast bag from Mcdonald, and he has that nice legs that could kicking hard while playing soccer thing.. very cute though.

Cute boy just staring at some stuff in front of newspaper stand. like he got totally stoned about those magazines display in there. I wonder what makes this young man such in the mood.. I guess he must be know some chinese, as I know it's a local magazines stand.. everything there writte in CHINESE.. no English.. no Arabic.. no Turkish, French or Bahasa, Complicated Chinese character :D

I know this is like pretty discriminated as they sell Only CHINESE no FOREIGNER thing. pretty sad though. but you still can enjoy the picture anyway.. I can be happy goggling at the fashion magazine even writte in French as well...

Back at the boy, it such amazing view, I mean kind of bizzare having a white boy looked damn serious, staring excitedly for hours..seemed he is about deciding which magazine he is going to pick up to home.. like he know reading Chinese.. err maybe he does.. as myself I am not really good reading Chinese but somehow I do enjoying goggling at local Chinese magazines.. I attention more about the picture in it than the writting there. so never mind.. somehow the picture telling all.. picture telling more than the words.. and I can tell what the stories behind, I am no kidding. so I think it doesn't matter what language it was as long as the magazine provide lot of picture.. people still can enjoying magazine thing... it always interesting though.

And in this young man case.. it's good he starting with magazines first, I am sure in no mean time he growing a good reading habit though, it wasn't easy leading young in reading habit. book always bore.. but magazine could be a good start anyway. no matter what kind of magazine it always cool notice a young having fun with them.. look like they are going to be a intellectual group when they grow adult. I always give my 12 years old huge support when he ask me out to the book store.. I gave him a buck for book that he fancied, no kidding!!!

I spend quite a lot on book and reading stuff.. anything that I fancies to read.. I used to knowledge is the key.. I wanted to live like a intellectual.. reading is a must though.

Back at the boy took me only 5 minutes passing at the boy but feel like I had spend an hour to observing him just wondering which magazine he is about to getting home with him. I don't give a damn shit when I passing by.. well he goggling at a bunch of ASIAN PORN MAg......... awwhh....he must be a GOOD person..this boy is absolutely no discriminated over the Asian, there's must be something Asian culture getting in his vein. He love ASIAN.. that's why he is here I think.. and I bet his family fancies Asian as well as he does... that why they are here :D

8:50am.. I arrived in the office, greet everyone nicely.. I kind of surprised myself and folks in the office.. It's weird that I am no late, I kind of proud about woke up early morning, it's amazing I arrived on time after too many boozes on Sunday afternoon drink in Handlebar in Wan chai area... where I met Jon and his mad dog group, you know that kind of guys hangout with their motorcycle bitches, wearing a lot of leather, tatto and stuffs.. and he introduce a very young 23 years old Tom to me.. LOVELY!!!

Long story left behind in the handlebar toilet... what was happened.. what is the truth......
I know lot of people wanted to know the truth what I had done in there... promise will write when I have 2 minutes to spare here............... My birthday today... happy birthday to me.. yay!!! happy genius 30.. * wink!!!!

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