Friday, May 25, 2007

30 blessed and fabulous

23 of May.. my fabulous year ever..!!
I had my mom cook me super dinner.. it has been long time since my birthday back to 15 years ago in Borneo when I was 15 years old..
I had my sister, Ben and their baby ... my first niece Abby :D
I had a bunch of girls dinner and drink in the LKF. Green mango salad in the Coco Curry restaurant again..fried dried mutton..
and I had a sweet guy gave me this kind of cute gift :D

There are still a lots of wishes..from those care about me!!
I had a very good night in DB... someone nursing my butthole curiousity seriuosly.. I feel like a princess. still I worried about me spraying him shit :D
an sbrief un-bathing on DB beach.. beer and beach!!
and a short meeting with Anna in iCaramba...

30 years old.. like I am such blessed....
but there's one or two person that I missed..
it's not like I've been forgotten I hope...
It's maybe they were just no idea about what's going on 23 of May.... doesn't matter though.

there's one person that I used to hang out with but seemed she is no longer in same boat with me..
next wednesday.. it's my baby boy going to be his 12.. birthday..I am blessed enough though......... hopefully I could do something joyfully for my little man perhaps

I had Mbak Santi , my senior at work who is I respect much, she got that intellegent that made me mad in respect about . come over visit and brought me this beautiful birthday cake,,,

Gosh.........she made me blushing and jumping then giggling like a teenager..
everybody wish me more Papa's to come..and miggle..
They said: " Heck..You're 30 and single.. those guys better beware!!

according to Chinese.. 30 something women do fuck like an starving tiger........... !!!
Rooaoaaaarrrrrrrrrr.............. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOD.......................

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