Friday, June 08, 2007

An letter from Mary Nick

I logon my Yahoo today, there are like 500 something emails in my inbox. here is one email that I feel interested. that I might give this woman a shout.

Dear Sir,
I am 25years old, I got your contact through a family friend when I was searching for a foreign investor to present as the next of kin to my late husband.I lost my husband after one year of marriage.,he is a British citizen, he has a small scale mining company at Obusi a village here at Ghana.when he was in the hospital he told me of 50 kilo of gold deposited with gateway insurance company and also 6 million US dollars in a metallic box which he deposited as an art gallery with the same insurance company.After his death I tryed to claim his money and property but it has been very difficult for me I have been advice to get in touch with any of his relation but I have not been able to get in touch with any of his relation due to the fact that I have not travel to his country before becuse our marriage was not official,. I promise the manager of Gateway Insurance company that I will get his relation to enable me make the claim.Since his death the company has been close down and his workers were not paid for three months during his illness.
Presently I want to work with you as the next of kin to my late husband hence I have all the necessary document to claim his property and the money to avoid the company from confiscating the fund and the gold dust. My aim and objective of making this arrangement

1) So as to pay the workers their three months salary
2) To start up with life again
3) To avoid the company from confiscating the gold dust and fund.As soon as we claim the money and the gold dust 15% of what we recover will be given to you.
I will also supply you with all necessary document which might be needed during this process.
Looking forward for your reply after which I will give you the detail of our procedures towards the success of this claim.
For any important information which might be required by you kindly contact me .
Thanks Yours Sincerely Mary Nick

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