Thursday, August 09, 2007

How wise it is expect guys taking care of your bills and shits

It was July feist in LKF, last saturday afternoon back to 2 weeks ago.
There are a bunch of girls from work that I had couple of happy hour after work. I used to think they are sort of cool, even though there's gossip every where but as my concern not much has turn out into a real drama,
I heard they had fight each other over the phone about gossip and shit few times but that kind of stupid fight never happen to me, (yet) as I clearly announce that I am not interesting in that kind of stupidness, and seemed like they had got me very right.
I haven't hear any rumour/gossip about me...yet!!!

but shit happen eventually, and went really ugly that saturday noon as girls starting to act really bitch as soon as a guy friend of mine and his friend join in the group.
I was in the bathroom when one whispering to another girl saying something that all my guy friends are old and heck..they refused to talk to anyone of them..* sigh!!! fucking childish!!

I was like" never mind, because friendship ain't stand from that kind of age shit.. as long that person got personality and brainy I don't give a fucking fuck about the rest.
but it wasn't so long until a guy friend asking if I and girls would like to get another round of drinks and actually quite happy to taking care the drinks and stuff. and you can tell by the way they take it as granted and were thinking the bills are definitely on guys, included pizza and beer we had earlier before guys join in. what a shame..
girls actually got their own money!! as we weren't planning about " free lunch and drink " I mean we used to share the bills. and what is matter if we paid off our stuff and shit.
it's really lovely having a guy and so it doesn't mean that you can't stop ordering drink just because someone got to get the bills, let says there's no one has obligation to responsible other's bills.. am I right???!!

Beside they were fucking mean and acting idiotly like the don't speak a single english, I tried to chatt everyone up for the friendship sake's so the guys but it wasn't friendly and I feel sorry for those rude bitchy asses.
I don't think it's a worth to talk to them.. I don't think they're deserve a friend like mine.. and I was relief and happy at the end of that evening, a friend didn't scrach his credit card that godamn bills..
Sure, girls got fucking sore and saying something.." Huh..old and money-less!!"
and had called the guys, still he had something nice to said about the girls, and I know he hasn't tell the truth.. * sad!!!

I don't know if he is rich enough but as I know he was no poor at all.. at least he own his apartment in Happy valley, he run his own company and motor ride me to dinner and stuffs.. gentle and amazingly nice but wasn't the reason that I become friends with... there's something more important
1. out-going personality, kindness
2. brain..brain.. intelligent.
3. I don't give a damn care about "handsome, young and rich morons"
I don't like people look down others. and if I don't like you, you better have a good self-esteem.

as the wisdom said: " you can't judge people just from the look, it's never reveal the real and true!!
I went home with another girl... otherwise there's must a gossip that I slept with a old-stingy-money-less guy................ which I don't give a damn care if I fancy his cock but I just wasn't that fancy or I don't fancy at all!!

The next day.. I heard someone announce somebody got random fuck that saturday night following by the group of two were screaming each other over the phone again. ..
Drama.......................!!! Fucking stupid drama..
however they tried to pull me into the drama but I give no fuck by ignoring every incoming calls.. as they wanted to share gossip and shit from branch to another branches!!
I was like " Fuck off!!

Girls are stupid most of the time..........Arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! idiot!!!

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