Monday, August 13, 2007

Bangkok AKA Bang-cock :D

Sister: " Whoooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........... you wanted a hairy cake??? you starting get bushy-bushy?? Ha ha ha!! since when?? ha ha ha.. that's hot news!! Ha ha..Oooh huueeeekkkkkkkkkk * choked* uuweeeehuek huek..huekkk.. * trying to clear her troat, I handing a glass of water*
Sister: "I heard it insanely itchy does it?? does it feels anyway?? "
Me: " Look at magazine, all the models look awesome with their bushy-natural-eyebrows!!"

Gee..... it has been loooooooooooooooooooooooooong long time ago, I was teens was the first time I had bough myself my own razor, My hands was shaking like heck, how many cuts is enough, how many tears.. But I didn't care, I instantly love running my fingers on my clean-smooth-shaven cat!! everything is worth...........
like it lost in count how many times I nearly cutsa chunk of my clit off!! how many time I nearly bleed myself die, but I never give up. I keep trying and training.. times heal., times tell.., pratice made me skilled.
it's took a time for sure, until I learnt how to run my razor smoothly, Still I cuts myself a little cuts and it just very sometime though. and it still worth afterwards.
But, something has changed since every then and now my kitty no longer that kind of smooth-shaven thing, seem like won't take soo long its hair going to grow long exactly like THIS ............................................!!!!

I didn't feel like to shaving my cat and butt since I back from Thailand. remembered last time I shaved it was back to five weeks ago, in The oriental bangkok.
Not really sure what's going in my head. maybe because sex back there was awesomely amazing.. or maybe kitty still tired been fucked too much, or maybe because haven't properly done exploring butthole pleasure yet!! aaahhh.. I really don't know

My complicated brain keep telling " save your hairy- buttslut for that certain cock, bitch!!
Me:" Yeeerrr, maybe I should...

Here I go again.. no shave, no shag, no fuck, only trims and self-fingering for already five weeks going to be six weeks.. long time huh!! not much I can really do though, or let say not much I want really do. expect its hair grows pretty fast. my libido go nowhere, sometime butthole fingering just enough for me. I am most in my sexual-freezing moment.

Not really sure how long I able myself to keep up with this kind of bushy shit.
it's irritated me most when toilet-paper clinging onto my bushes and hole... even though I had keep it moderate trims but it still grow fast anyway...ARRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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