Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The day when I ran into a dumb couple

There's a 30 something chinese guy I ran into this evening while taking the same lift as he is living in the same building as me, in south horizons.

This guy look obviously no dumb until he started conversation with his also 30 something chinese girlfriend.
it was not bothering me at all if he wasn't speak totally like an 2 years old baby GIRL!!!
And you know what 2 years old GIRL sound like?? babbled...babbled.. bbaaabbbblleeee.....and lots of drools

I was like : " ewhhh.. Dai B ( Low IQ/ idiot/ retarded )

I was sort kind of irritated, I really am. like I close to lost myself. I think I am going to give a preach if ain't that lift door open at 9th floor where I live at. as soon as I got out and walk to my flat my mind keep wondering why can't he pronounce words properly. and what the fuck going on in that girlfriend's mind, how would she staring at him adoringly , like her boy such a hottie by talking like babbling..babbling and drooling..drooling and is no stupid but cute instead!!!
was mad at him?? not really though, it just confused me a bit but I got my mind by the time I get in the flat and laying my wornout ass in the bed, I realised there are lots of freak and dumb out there.. seriously.

Honest to tell, I had ran into them like hundred thousand times everyday, they are everywhere, lots of them.
they walk around like everyone else, while freaks know they're freak..most of them know they are and some of them admits they are and it was somewhat cool having to know that !! But unlike freaks, dumbasses don't even know they are dumb........................ and will never admits and they got madly sore if someone no dumb trying remind them be not that dumb!!! They got really really insanely mad...

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