Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chocolate-starfish addictive!!!

Once upon a day someone told me " Start wanking in the butt, You'll feel incredibly sexy!! and I think " whooa..this is new!! as I'd discovered a real of butthole poking arts.
Remembered the first time I had my finger stuck in there.. I was kind of uneasy worried like hell, afraid that " shit spraying moment" let alone the " shit stick on finger "
After all, playing with my backyard wasn't a bad idea at all. I was thinking at least I've got another choose if I get sick of my whimppy cat.

at the beginning I was cool and actually excitedly high, as time goes bye I've learn the trick, a friend told me" don't push in order to avoid shit popping out. Thank goodness " shit spraying never happen. I keep going. more and more..
even the thought of shitty finger sometime turn my mood off but I had loads of fun really.
and all I can tell this is addicted seriously,
the part I hate the most is having to washing up my finger cause a lots of drama.
the other day I found 2 boxes of leftover condom in my cosmetic bag, slide one of my favorite strawberry flavour condom has solved the whole drama.
Folk starting knock my bathroom door off as I took more than one hour to had my shower done included some butthole washing!! alas things getting even worse than before, I know... as I planning to poke someone's else butthole........., like a girl that sat next to me on the bus this morning, Arrghhhhh... thing really bad!!! I trying to think the worse what if I become a gay...

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