Saturday, August 25, 2007

Too much vodka redbull or it's de ja vu

Can't believe this is happened to me...

I've been clubbing in Kee club with a bunch of girl friends in Lan kwai fong,

was really having a lovely moment, chatting up with old friends, drink and dance like insane..

jump onto a cab, got home just now.

4am.. in the very early morning, I was exhausted, but no die ( I thought I am not, at least no puke, no drama with the cab driver ) so tonight sort of quiet night.. I can sing " Hallelujah" if I want though. but I just keep quiet.

bring out my keys and trying to open someone's else door... I was desperately for my toilet needs as I drank like 4 glass of Vodka redbull. I almost get wet in the pants!!

Just a sec I think I was about losing my temper, and was planning to kicking my 5 inches high heels onto the door, a sound like something from the house has moving way to the door. I think I had wake something alive up, now its going to lick my freaking ass!! Ughhhh.. I mean KICK my freaking ass.

I took couple step back, turn around and hide on the corner, observing.. what the fuck going on in this building. since when my sister took off the decoration and stuff that used hang and stick on the gate and door.

It was when I reliased that the gate and door look obviously different, it's not the one that I used to know. I obviously got the wrong floor. I got fucking nervous as I bumping around, I nearly bang my head against the walls as my brain couldn't think. Like its stop working all together.. I got no sense. I cry our for help but siletnly. actually screaming SOS but only deep down in my heart as I worried a whole building will get annoying then my drunken ass got kicking in the hole.

I was so scared.. confused and my blade almost about to explode!!

I was trying fuckin hard to figure out, Where am I?? Heck.. wait.. WHO AM I????!!!! "

4 am in the morning" God.. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo Fucking LOST!!

It took me 2 minutes to figure out that instead 9th fllor I actually was right on the 5th fllor..

I ran into the elevator.. ............ ................. ....................!!!!

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