Sunday, September 16, 2007

I found this letter in my inbox, reading this made me cum like "Oh my twat!!"

When we meet for our drink you will be flirting with me, sitting on the bar stool so that your short skirt is showing all of your legs. From time to time you uncross your legs making sure I can see your underwear. Then "by mistake" you drop your lipstick on the floor. I bend down to pick it up for you, and when I come back up you have opened your legs wide so I can see all the details of your lingerie... it's time to leave!

As soon as we get in the taxi we start to kiss, exploring each others mouths. My hand will then start to wander... starting on your beautiful breasts, slowing caressing and squeezing them, making your nipples hard, then my hand will move down to your leg. It will slowly move up your leg, slide under your miniskirt.
When I reach your g-string I will be delighted to find you are already wet. When we get to the bedroom you are so horny you can't wait for me to undress you. We keep kissing, but at the same time I remove your top and bra. My tongue then moves to your breasts and licks your rock hard nipples, making you even more excited. Then I lie you down on the bed and start touching your pussy through your panties. You are so wet and can't stop moaning.

Then I pull down your panties. I can see how wet you are. My finger slides very easily inside you. You are very tight, warm and wet. Next I start to lick between your legs, concentrating on your clit. You taste delicious! I love to perform oral sex for a long time, but you get so horny that you have to ask me to stop licking you and slide my dick inside you. During sex I like to try different positions: me on top, you on top, from behind, you sitting on the desk, in front of the mirror, in the shower. We will try them all until we find the one that gives you the most pleasure. Don't worry, when I cum I won't stop... my fingers and tongue will keep busy, stroking your pussy, keeping you hot and horny.
When my strength is back, we will do it again, trying some other wild things you like! Maybe I can slide my finger gently into your ass and another in your pussy and masturbate both holes!

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