Sunday, December 16, 2007

This is period amazingly ugly....

My mood swing like mudafukar!! for bloody 3 week.
God knows how I hate my period for some reason, It was always drove me crazy. Last time I had period it was back to Oct, 30th. it was 2 week earlier than it suppose to be.
Now is already late for 3 fucking period haven't come yet!!!
I hate.. I hate mood swinging.. I hate behaving like period-monster!!
I hate scared off my office-mate.

I hate suffering from that stupid period cramps!!
I hate poking my vagina those stupid tampon!! I was always worried what if I break string can I still get them out?? would it get lost forever in my vagina?? I hate the thoughts of it!!! I hate.. I hate no sex!!
I hate called my date off.. because I was on period.

I hate my boobs swelling hard like heck, my nipples hurt!
I hate begging people to help me checking my bloody butt" Excuse me, can you please tell me is blood everywhere on my skirt??!! ( I don't wear trouser )

I hate not able wear T-back, I hate wearing grandmother size panties !!!
I hate the XXXL napkin that covering from my pubic, butt and up until my waist!! I hate the extra WINGS!!!!

I hate for being paranoid, I can't sleep!! waking up for every 5 second..turn the light on just to know that I didn't bleed onto my bedsheet !!! I sleep with platic bag stick on my butt.
I hate the " bloody-fishy-oyster-smells "

Now I hate the thought of can butt fucking make us pregnant??!!

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