Wednesday, January 16, 2008

need brazillian wax.

My period came again..... Gosh..31 days!! Can't believe how fast the time goes by!!!

Remembered I was sooo sick, last time period caused mood swing like hell, like I was about shoot people in the head. and was actually fuckin drama. it was 31 days ago I suffering from Tampon. It was like cause me toxic later all my body system down.. I end up in the clinic.. and hospital and was on medicines for 3 weeks.
Can't remembered how long when the last time I shaved my cat!! Can't remembered when was the last time I had sex!!
I am not suprise now my genital hair grew wild like this..
I am not desperate to shave them off either!! as at this moment I don't have planning to shag anyone, well.. I eventually will, just not now.
I am going to save this hairy cake for my valetine's dinner.
When the day come.. this hairy thing going out from sight.

I saved my dough for that luxury brazillian wax next month. I also planning to go on pills..
so he/she could fuck the brain out of me without have to worry about baby and shit.
Can't wait... Can not wait.. Until February fuckfest * giggles*


Anonymous said...

hello sweety this is your sweet butt from Clear Water Bay who is trying to date you for long time and now I have to learn from your side that you have been sick for a while... shame on me..and really sorry to hear !
hope you are getting better and if anything I can do let me know..when you are recovered let us have some nice evening out for some good dinner ? what do you think ? Frank

@bee said...

I will be better by Feb 14 though!! :D