Saturday, March 29, 2008

another session of craziness..

Thursday night :
6pm: starting happy-crazy-hour with bunch of office mates @ carniege's finish at 8pm something, got pretty tipsy when heading home. cutie-hunky-caucasian-male-bunnies every where to see on the street tonight, it's Rugby7 yummy!!!

9pm: shower done at home, I look pretty and so ready meeeting Pauline for Green mango salad thai food dinner, We decided eating and boozing somewhere in Wan chai. can't wait to see my pretty self got hammered-puking on the street after that :p

9:30pm-11pm: Oh my gudness..something amazing happened at home. think I must be crazy, it's like wanting something for very long long time..Imagine you almost go insane and when you have no clue whether it's stand for any chance to be dream come true and today.. today thing just happen like it should be.. like BLAST!!! a huge relief.. yet a begining of another session of craziness..

11pm: There are 11 missed calls and 3 sms in my mobile. poor Pauline abadoned on the street for hours >,<
Too late for dinner, I took Pauline straigh to the bar. finished at 3am, we got buzz in the head >,< and get "beef noddle" before heading home. soooo hungry I can even eat a COW !!

4am: in my bed, make-up removed, teeth brushed and Pauline suffering from hangover-quietly laying next to me :D

May 21-June 21

March/24/2008 - March/30/2008

Your best luck, romance-wise, is on Wednesday and Thursday, but Monday and Tuesday are great days too. You're facing a mystery that deepens and multiplies the more you look into it. The mystery could be as simple as a person you noticed at a coffee shop -- who are they, what do they care about, what is their life like?
Endlessly fascinating. Wednesday and Thursday are so great because compatibility and good times are in the stars. Friday and this weekend, you're attempting to draw someone out, to get them to tell you what they really think and feel

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